December 30, 2007

100_5082.jpg  My 2007 Journals.    My wish is for brave sharing of a few of my 2007 journal entries from these orange and purple books.

100_5083.jpg  Another 2008 goal is to improve my handwriting…   This is a page from my 2/12/07 entry.   Backstory:  these are prompts to help me explore my own thoughts and feelings.     and to add what is not visible the top is:   

“What I realize is ________________”   

“If my 5 year old [self] had something to say _____________”

   let    her    speak

the point is completion.  Keep going – move forward.  no distraction week.

and then something I cut from a magazine and taped in…   I AM THE ONLY ME.



 This is the journal I will scribble in starting tomorrow!  I’m very excited.   I just love me a clean blank white bright open empty journal!   100_5084.jpg   I have about 5 more in the queue…     I’ve got an entire library full of no-longer-blank books, beginning when I was 11, I think.   I really should arrange for these to be burned or at least lost for 100 years in a safety deposit book…   

Anyways…     I do love the contemplation time that this part of December inspires in me.     I suppose now would be a good time to flip through the orange one that has goals from Jan 07 and look to see what I might need to move to 2008 (better to say it like that than to say ‘what I failed to do in 2007’!)

“Have the courage to believe in and follow your own heart and be willing to let go of the outcome.”    – no note as to WHO said this…  😦

aha!   Other than quick easy daily task stuff following the above quote, I didn’t write ANY BIG GOALS!    

Hmmmmm,  this is odd.   that I didn’t have any goals/resolutions for 2007 written down in a place that would be easy to find later.     Yes, very odd!

and that is just OK with me.   🙂




  1. I like your handwriting. It is, in a way, artistic. I also like the fact that you have been keeping yearly journals for such a long time — they are great keepings of memories.

  2. Why thank you UNDERCANOPY for the compliment on my handwriting. I might have to do a post of my worst – when in a hurry – and what I hope it could be WHEN IN A HURRY! If that makes sense… I’m looking forward to exploring your blog. “C”

  3. My handwriting sucks. No one can read it. Not even my children. When my daughter did the grocery shopping for me she’d come home with all sorts of stuff not on the list because of my bad writing. She once came home with potholders instead of potatoes. I have to print everything now.

    I have goals for 2008 too. But mostly having too many I get overwhelmed and don’t accomplish any of them. My biggest goal is to continue with weight watchers and I think I may actually succeed with that one.

    Have a Happy New Year!!

  4. i have to agree your handwriting is not that bad! You should see mine. I worry my kids will not be able to write with all this computer stuff! I used to want to write like my dad, he has horrible witting!
    Good luck with your new year! One day at a time!

  5. I like your handwriting too C. Are you a lefty?

    Your images of your 2007 journals make for a really neat post, perfect for the end of 2007! Not much of one for resolutions or goals, I agree that this time of the year, betwixt xmas and new years, is a natural time to take stock and adjust the perspective.

  6. Wow, you have journals going all the way back to age 11? I am so jealous of you. Geez, I always wish I had kept all my notebooks/journals. I think I’d get a big laugh out of myself. Have you ever seen the journals or stand-up readings from Mortified? Mortified is adults reading from their adolescent journals, some are on YouTube, some are in nightclubs, and there’s a book with some of them in it. It’s wonderful, and if only I’d kept mine I’d be right in on this. I’d love to stand up in a comedy club and read from my diary when I was 15. I’m so pissed that I didn’t keep mine.

    Your handwriting is fine, very readable and I agree on the artsy comment. I like your journals, and I love that you journal. Keep it up. And for a laugh, check out Mortified.

  7. @Joan, potholders instead of potatoes! funny… Best to you reaching your goals in 2008!

    @Hallie, oh, my handwriting can be very bad… I think it is my goal to slow down and allow me to take the necessary time to do all things the best I can. No sloppy shortcuts in 2008.

    @David, nope, not a lefty. But I’ve had others tell me that my handwriting is ‘inconsistent’ which probably means I’m not to be trusted. ha!

    @Wendy, I don’t think I would read any of my journals on stage! I’d run naked before I do that! I will check on Mortified…

  8. You are so cool, C. I don’t even think I have handwriting anymore. I only know how to type now. Can’t wait to read some of your brave journal entries.

    Sending you New Year’s hugs, and I’m wearing my holiday sweater while I’m doing it! See all the little Father Times and Baby New Years?

  9. Gee C,
    Your handwriting looks a little bit like mine. Maybe it’s a writer thang? I’m often in such a hurry to get it down, that later I can’t quite read what I wrote. Thank God, for keyboards or I’d never have anything to post.

    Nice journals – pretty.

  10. I agree with MB, you’re lucky you can write at all. I can only type now. My brain works through my hands and keyboard. When I try and write something, even my name, it’s like I have some palsy that makes it really difficult to complete a word. Too much typing, I guess. Your handwriting shouldn’t even be a concern, it looks good.

  11. Oh, I love new journals. There’s something so – Wide Open – about them. I got dressed for only one thing yesterday – to make a trip to get my new journal. LOL

    The handwriting thing – it’s a show of genius, right? ;-D

  12. Somehow when I discovered aggregate feeds, yours didn’t take, so I missed out on all this journally (and other) good stuff.

    I love, love, love this entry. I’m going to charge my camera batteries *right now* and post a picture of mine later. What an awesome idea.

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