I Only Have One

December 29, 2007


My Holiday Sweater.

I only have one! 

and I don’t have a matching turtleneck to wear underneath.

100_5061.jpg  It’s not TOO obnoxious.   I’m sure it wouldn’t win for “most crazy.”


I do have matching socks:    100_5062.jpg

If anyone is on-task for finding/creating a ‘blogging’ sweater, please let me know!



  1. While the sweater is just a bit too festive for my understated tastes, I adore the socks! Love them!

  2. Love it! My mom has christmas shoes she wears every year! i am more a birkenstock type. 🙂

    Someoneand found you by searching itsallabouthallie blog? funny i have gotten that as a search lately…strange!!

  3. Hee hee– I love it!

  4. @Fool, so you like socks… I have a whole tub of new socks I’m about to donate to goodwill because they are hot turquoise geometrics, hot pink with hearts, crazy green stripes, etc. Thankfully, the giver of these will never know I won’t wear them.

    @Hallie, Christmas shoes!? What are they like? They sound festive… Do they have bells?

    @MBMQ, I thought you might enjoy this. 🙂

  5. Okay the shoes look almost like ballet slippers, black, with embordered trees and presents and so on! i might have to take a picture as i am not sure i can do them any justice! 🙂

  6. Hallie – those shoes would match my sweater!! cool.

  7. Tre’s cute and I want me a blogging sweater too – or one of those license plate holder things that says, ‘i’d rather be bloggin’

  8. You could wear a funny T-shirt at the grocery store like “Get out of my way; I need to get back to my blog!” Then maybe people would let you get in front of them in the check-out line.

    Howdy! Great idea – if I saw a tee shirt like that, I would probably give them my spot in line, too! I can attest to the blog-addiction. -“C”

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