The Christmas Goose

December 26, 2007


The GOOSE is cooked.

100_5028.jpg  REMINDER!  This is ***NOT*** a cooking site!   I do not do the most cooking around this house…  The ‘MAN’ does.  🙂 

I promised Wendy that I would attempt to describe the process of our creating our Christmas Feast.   

The bird was terrific!   Hub really did slave all afternoon to prepare our meal and he deserves all the  praise and hugs and kisses;  it was fabulous.    The recipe can be found at Food Network’s Emeril Lagasse Recipe Collection.    Emeril’s Goose looks like this:  goose.jpg  

I forgot to take photos once the food made it into serving bowls.    The potatoes were scrumptious (homegrown rosemary from MY garden!) and I overcooked the broccoli-cheese-rice casserole; but still divine.    The gravy from the port reduction (simmering for over an hour:  port, carrots, onions, peppers, YUM!) was superb!     OH…   By far the best food we had this Holiday Season.    and that’s mostly due to the LOVE that my wonderful husband pored into this feast…   He’s awesome. 


Do you use inexpensive port or do you go all out?      A:    We actually had to go buy MORE port because I obviously did not read the recipe right and failed to purchase the required quantity…    And the HUB had to go do that purchasing (in the middle of the whole process because the ONE glass of Chardonnay I imbibed while sitting on my fat ass and WATCHING Hub chop the veggies, etc, had affected me too much!   (I knew I was tipsy because I loaded the dog into the back of the truck by jumping in the back of the truck myself as an example and then promptly FELL OUT of the truck.  At which time, I concluded (or did I deduce?) that it was not a good idea I drive anywhere…)    I don’t know how much the Sheffield Cellars Oak Mellowed Tawny Port of California cost me but prob <$10.   The second bottle that Hub bought, Rainha Santa of Portugal has a sticker $9.99.   

How much does the goose weigh?    OH crap….  I forget!   I think it was approx 12 pounds…   Cost ~$32?     I’ll update this after checking with the chef…   [update:  wethinks it was ~12 pounds…]

Do you prefer it over turkey?    I don’t have a preference.   I do like grilled turkey – it all depends.   I personally cannot stand leftover turkey.    expect in deli carved sandwich slices, maybe.   But left over big cooked turkey is not to my liking…   This goose was awesome, but it was NEW and exciting and slaved over for me.   SO it was definitely better than hohum turkey…

I’ve heard that when cooking a goose the high grease content is apt catch fire in the oven; is this really a problem or a myth?    Our oven did not catch fire from any grease splatters or whatever.    It IS a greasier meat but only Hub noticed that during the prep – not the finished cooked bird.   It’s dark meat.   Very tender…   I have no idea of any myths or not…

I had also made noise way back when we thunk up the idea of cooking the Christmas Goose, that I would make Christmas Pudding like the Brits do…   But I didn’t get around to it.   



  1. Hi!

    I have always wanted to try roasting a Goose. Your pic above really looks quite delicious.

    I tried to roast a duck once. Have you ever seen “Christmas Vacation” when the turkey fizzled. That happened with my duck.

    Have a happy holiday!

  2. Wow C,
    That’s looks awesome. I’ve always wondered what Christmas goose tasted like, now from you description I have some idea. As soon as I can find me a husband to cook one for me, I’m there. 😉

    I laughed out loud about the falling out of the truck incident. Wish we had a little youtube vid of that. hehe.

  3. @Maggie! I recommend you try, try again! Of course, this is ME – and I’ve never tried to cook any turkey/duck/chicken, etc. Have a happy holiday yourself, -“C”

    @Annie/WC, I’m very glad no one saw me (except the dog). It’s embarrassing enough what I have to do to get the darn dog to get into a car. It’s a game to him…

  4. Scrumptious post! I’m drooling. I’m surprised to hear that you don’t do most of the cooking. Just the pies then? I want to cook a goose now, and I want to try making that grape pie too.

    Happy Boxing Day!

  5. Thank you for doing this! I’ve always been curious about goose, and I watch them doing it on TV but haven’t tried it myself. The photo of your goose looked delicious, better than Emerils, and the stuffing looked excellent also. I love dark meat (that sounds really weird, in a juvenile kind of way)so I’m sure I’d really like this. You’ve given me courage to try it.
    And I also laughed out loud about the wine and the dog. I get like that after a single glass, also. I can’t hold my liquor at all. Thanks so much for posting this, I really appreciate it!

  6. This looks so scrumptious, and I will never, ever get to eat one like it unless A: I someday eat at one of Emiril’s restaurants, or B: someone in my family learns to cook something more complicated than, say, chicken breasts on the George Foreman grill. Since Tom’s culinary expertise consists of pouring cereal, I think we’re out of luck.

    I’m sorry, but I’m laughing about the fall too. With you, of course.

  7. mmmmmmm that looks totally yummy, although I’ve never had goose! (the first think I noticed was it’s legs look different…sort of boney there at the bottom! LOL)

    OK…and man that cooks is totally Yummy, too! 🙂 GOOD JOB!

    Me? I did “Feliz Navidad” cooking this year – homemade chicken enchiladas and all the trimmings. No, I’m not Mexican – but living in So. Cal, I might as well be! LOL

  8. @David, I can cook but I tend to get distracted… Unless, I make it a PROJECT. The MAN enjoys it so I let him. (I’m here to keep him happy.)

    @Wendy, I’m here to serve. Any thing else you want MAN to fix and I’ll take the pics? Btw, the bird weighed in ~12#.

    @MBMQ, I guess I can cross off ‘eat goose’ from the TIMDBID list (Things-I-Must-Do Before-I-Die aka the Bucket List.) You won’t believe how many hits I’m getting on stats for this post!! Maybe KFC should add GOOSE to their menu?

    @Grace, goose is shaped weird – says the MAN. the wishbone is huge! It took trial and error to slice him up. I SOOOO miss good mexican food! New England (in the sticks where I am) has few quality tex/mex &/or mex available.

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