Santa Letter

December 24, 2007

My title is misleading.  I’m not really going to write a letter to Santa.

What I have on my to-do list for today (Monday, Christmas Eve, Dec 24) is the next in my series of letters to a friend where the theme is to go through the order of the alphabet…

For the 19th week, it means that the letter “S” is on the schedule.   And what do you think of for the letter “S” on a Christmas Holiday?    SANTA!

Did I mention that my friend is 6 years old?

This is why I need to write the Santa letter.   I’ve been gathering materials to prepare:  I have a whole slew of Santa stickers, and I have Christmas Cards with Street Scenes, Santa, Sleighs, Snow & Snow People, etc.

mores stickers of Suns, Stars, & Sharks…

Super Stupendous Silliness!

I’m also considering sending along a SASE…   Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope so that perhaps she will send me something.

Last week, I sent Reindeer Cookies for the “R” letter.
Next week, for the “T” letter, I’m sending a THANK YOU card for the presents her family gave this year.    I’m delighted with how these latest weeks’ letters so well aligned with the Holiday!

and may I extend to all my dear readers Holiday Happy Wishes that Santa brings you everything you want this year!



  1. What a great gift! Have a great holiday! ~hallie

  2. S is also for “sweet,” as in what a sweet thing to do! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, C.

  3. and I’m wishing heaping blessings on both of you Hallie and Moonbeam! this Holiday season and throughout 2008. Make it great!

    and then I realize that I will PROBABLY be bloggging (posting AND commenting into the remainder of the year…)

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