Teaser Alert!

December 21, 2007

I really want to post one of those ideas I had awhile back about BEER.

Remember, I told you about this fab pub I found on my latest travels?  I thought I had screwed up and took photos from my phone – which is NOT good due to my being a scrooge and NOT buying email service nor the device that allows me to connect phone to PC…


I realized that I had my other previous prior cellphone with the cool camera and I already own the device that shares data between phone and computer, so I am able to share.

But I have to do it later.

I have pie to make – pie TINS to buy, a goose to purchase, some port for the goose fixin’ recipe, gifts to drop off, books to deliver, maybe a stop at the library first, take the dog to daycare, print a few more Xmas cards – address & mail, etc.  First.   oh!  crap – it’s trash day…  gotta run

SO PLEASE DO COME BACK LATER!    It will be my next post and probably will be later today.

Happy Friday, “C”


  1. This goose is fascinating, as only a couple of people I know cook goose for Christmas and one of them is dead (but it had nothing to do with the goose; she was in her eighties) Do you use inexpensive port or do you go all out? How much does the goose weigh? Do you prefer it over turkey? I’ve heard that when cooking a goose the high grease content is apt catch fire in the oven; is this really a problem or a myth? Sorry for all the questions but I’m intensely interested in such things.

  2. Huh. I just thought it would be kinda fun, ya know? The “Christmas Goose”! and, yet, no one I know has ever cooked one…

    The MAN is cooking the goose. We might grill it? I didn’t read thru the recipe – just bought the stuff he told me to.

    I’ll do a post and answer ALL of these questions!

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