I Hate Computers

December 19, 2007

I really dislike computers.   I do not think they are easy to use.

Well, easy to use until it isn’t.   Then it gets cranky, I get cranky, the spouse gets cranky, and my PC fixer upper dude makes a few dollars to spend towards his holiday gift-giving efforts.   I hope the kids get something nice…

I tried to make the husband be ‘in charge’ of the PC.   KNOW where the disks are, back it up on a regular basis, and generally fix everything whenever it slows or needs anything…

But, alas, not to be.   It is somehow ‘my fault’.     (In actuality, the video card device driver got loopy.  Too much vodka?)

Now, that the PC is working once again, I have goals to be a better steward of my PC! 

Yea, right.

Can I have a Mac, yet?!



  1. ahhh, i feel ya! sometimes these things take on a mind of their own! Glad to see it back up and running!

  2. Congrats on getting it fixed– we’ve missed you!

  3. C, I like the way you put it “steward of my PC”. Computers are a pain in the ass, way too complicated as you say, but I make my living off of them. You mentioned the 2 most important things about computer ownership though, so you should be proud of yourself. Backups, and know where your disks are. The only way we can win the computer game is to have whatever work we do on them backed up redundantly. That way, if the computer explodes, your work is not lost. And Macs are great, but they have their little issues too, don’t believe the commercials, even if they are funny as hell.

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