The Kilt-Wearing Taxi Driver

December 11, 2007

kilt2.jpg  I would NOT be surprised in the least if my new friend ________ (I didn’t get his name!   I have absolutely no recall of even seeing his badge that must have been prominently displayed within the auto, let alone reading and RECALLING what it said…)

So, let’s call my new friend, TK, short for TKWTD, acronym for The Kilt-Wearing Taxi Driver.    And I was attempting to say that I wouldn’t be surprised if The Kilt, TK, has a blog.   Which risks him finding this blog.   (No need for me to intend to be nice; I will be.   I have no reason not to be.   But somehow, this feels a tad mean-spirited?   I’m not trying to make fun in a mean way…   In fact, I have no issues nor problems with kilt-wearing and respect anyone’s right to wear them any and all times.   You ROCK, TK!)

TK gave me a lift to the hotel on the snowy crazy not-quite predicted weather of Baltimore MD last Wednesday evening.    It was dark.  I had just emerged from the MARC train, traveling from Union Station to BWI and TK’s cab was first in line.

I asked him if he was up for a quick drive to Columbia MD?    Of course!  says he knows the hotel and was surprised I had no luggage.   Almost disappointed that I didn’t have any luggage.

I’m sure of it that he wanted an excuse to show off the kilt!   Which, at that point, I didn’t know about.

I asked if the ride would be approximately $40?    Maybe, could be more because we were ‘on meter’ and with the slow driving due to snowy conditions, the fare could end up more.     Not a big deal, I’m not much of a haggler – I just want to know what to expect…  (Fare ended up barely over $30…    Surprised me – maybe strategy?     I should have tipped more than I did, now that I reflect on it.   Especially with the snow…   and the birthday…  sorry!)    I do want to be more generous – it’s a goal for 2008.

I have NO recollection how we got on the topic of wardrobe.   We talked about the guy I saw waiting on an outdoor platform of the metro that had on shorts and flipflops.     We talked about the time I wore a skirt onto some industrial mesh platform at a manufacturing plant when I realized that – hey!  I’m wearing a skirt?!    Of course, my fat thighs wouldn’t give much view to anything north, but the IDEA that someone COULD glance up and get more than they bargained for…  I, of course, had my unmentionables AND panty hose on – nothing to see, gentlemen.    I did have to decline the tour and stay on the main concrete level instead.    Fashion and modesty first, ladies…   Shoot, the highheels I was probably wearing aren’t conducive to good touring anyway.    The style wasn’t pointy sharp stillettos back then, but clunky wide heeled pumps…   I digress.   (love that word!)

Yep, TK enjoyed telling me that he was wearing a kilt.   And it’s traditional to not wear anything under a quilt.  [Edit… 5 minutes after posting this:   QUILT?!   I meant kilt.   Shaking head… sigh.   Please keep reading.]   And he gets hot in the car…   It’s not a big deal to jump in and out of the vehicle – refreshing, I believe. is the word he used.     

Somehow, we got on the topic of marriage (shouldn’t be the end all goal – just to ‘get married’…   Too many people out there don’t give full thought to what marriage really is) and having kids (people should have kids…   keeps the species going) and paying taxes (was I aware that the federal government’s definition of income is invalid in today’s economy and therefore, we are not legally obligated to pay tax?)  

TK told me his sister is an artist and was able to use his Dungeons and Dragons book as a guide to painting a mural of dragons for a kid’s bedroom wall.    And, we talked about TK’s birthday being the very next day and he intended to celebrate by working, driving his cab.  

I was very at ease, yet quite alert.   The weather sucked for driving and I’m glad it wasn’t me in a rental car attempting to find whereever the heck I was going to.    The trip seemed to take no time at all;  we avoided collisions and made great time.   I-95 was at a standstill;  yippee!  we didn’t have to go on it!     We made it safe and sound and under $40.  THANK YOU TK!!!!!

Happy Birthday TK!    I really appreciated the conversation and the safe driving!      And good luck with the tax thing.   I, too, will NOT be paying income tax this year…   My expenses have been a tad out of proportion to that income thing, regardless of anyone’s definition!

I never did see the kilt.    Bummer.





I just google-imaged ‘kilt-wearing taxi driver’ and found this instead:  a MetroTimes article Dressed to Kilt,  and I had no idea how much a kilt habit can cost…   Here’s a website for you to purchase one or more:  The Kilt Store. 



  1. TK sounds amazing! It sounds like a memorable ride. I hope he finds your blog and posts here.

    Your skirt story was hilarious. It reminded me of a couple years ago when I was walking across the parking lot at work with an armload of stuff. It was a windy, rainy day. An approaching car came to a sudden stop to let me cross, which I thought was sweet, but I couldn’t really understand why, because I was kind of far away and there were no other cars crossing. But he sat there and waited for me, and then I realized that I had on a wraparound skirt, which had flown up, and I had no hands to put it down. That walk in front of his car felt like thirty miles in slow motion.

  2. Oh yes! Time is elastic, isn’t it!?

  3. Very funny post C. Can’t really understand some folks winter wardrobe choices though.

    However, after some consideration of your post and mmq’s comment, I’ve decided that we should all have to walk thirty miles in slow motion in our underwear before a live studio audience.

    It’s a sure way to true humility, one of life’s primary goals.

  4. All of us at the same time? or by ourselves, each waiting our turn? With reality TV what it is these days, I’m sure some producers will pitch this to the studio…

  5. I loved it! What fun!

  6. It would have to be by ourselves taking turns. And yeah, that essentially is what reality TV is all about anyway, right? Brilliant!

    —-> Quick David! secure the rights to your idea! Make MILLION$! Before one of the thousands upon thousands who read this blog beat you to it.

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