Wallowing in Post Ideas

December 10, 2007

Once I got bit by the scrapbooking bug, I would snap photos with the thought in mind, “How will this scene crop and present in my scrapbook?!”    I ended up with a lot of interesting (and unusable) shots but also came away with better pictures, too and a lot of variety – with camera angle, lighting, etc. 

NOW…    Now, these days, I do things with the idea of how things will post on my blog!   I really don’t scrapbook all that often and have so many boxes of photos, I may never catch up.   But I do seem to blog every day or at least check in on it.

Which brings me to this moment right here.    Which idea to chat about first?   The kilt-wearing taxi driver who provided tax advice?    Just the fun day (12+ hours) experiencing public transportation in and around the DC Metro area?   My new favorite flavor of beer served cold and doubled at the Pub Dog?  Hot-tubbing while looking out at 3-4 inches of snow, perhaps.   

Bummer.   I didn’t take my camera on this trip…

In just exploring my mood right now, which is contemplative and sort of…  grumpy?  I wonder if I could write about this.    I suspect that this is an ebb in the flow of my goal solidification process for 2008.   (I love to use fancy words when I am avoiding doing what I should be doing!)   I need to DO more, BE more.  

I’ve been living selfishly or too small.    My little world has become this too-big house and I’m not producing much of anything.    I’m embarrassed with the question, ‘so what are you doing?’ and can be especially painful when it’s me doing the asking.   

I do sometimes think our society gives us to many choices.    When there are so many options, none is often the preferable path.    

No where to go and all day to get there.  

My fear is that I’m altering that sentence; swapping day with years.



  1. Hey C,
    Yikes, this struck a chord with me. We have managed to shrink our worlds I think because it takes so little effort to get just about anything – from food to furniture, it’s a mere click of the mouse. I worry that one day, I’ll look out the window only to realize I’m in a one-world cubicle with all the other virtual human beings.

  2. The beauty of a blog is that it can be a journal, a scrapbook, a place to express your moods, or share your thoughts and ideas with others. I think that when you post here, you are producing. It’s just a weird form of production, because it’s not tangible in the way that other things we create are.

    You go on trips, you have parties, and you’re in transition. Go easy on yourself, okay? And I vote kilt.

  3. Ah thanks, MBMQ! and your point? EXACTLY! Thank you.

    WC – Thank YOU, too. I’m getting OUT THERE – my goals are for more volunteering – something scheduled on an ongoing basis… I’ll be writing of my 2008 goals soon.

  4. Um…I forgot my point, but that’s beside the point.

    No, I just meant that you said you’re not producing much, and I think it’s all relative. You make pies and blog, you go on side trips and drink a lot and talk to kilt-wearing taxi drivers, and you host Christmas parties. When someone asks what you ARE doing, and you tell them all that, it sounds awfully productive (and fun). Okay, there I go again. Don’t you dare ask me what in the hell I’m talking about, because I just don’t know. I’m going to go drink more coffee.

  5. Yep, That’s me, again, not being clear… MBMQ, I think I meant to not actually ask you about your point but to really say, “You’re making my point” but you’d have to HEAR how my husband says it cuz the tone of voice and inflection that conveys the spirit of its intent is important. I think.

    and, so I wrote about kilts..

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