Neighborhood Party A Success!

December 9, 2007

8:03 am.   Sunday, Dec 9, 2007.   The glow seaps through and saturates the flimsy curtains that can barely attempt any effort to block out light of a new day.    Without opening an eye,

“This day is going to suck.”    The spouse replies, “Yes.  It.  Is.”

A mere hint of a pause, he adds in his teasing sarcastic tone,

“And only more so cuz we get to spend it together!”

We burst out laughing with me continuing to giggle for 20 seconds more.   I do love my husband!    I give up;  I can’t seem to sleep anymore.




4:00 am.   Sunday, Dec 9, 2007.    We finally can crawl into bed.   Glasses can stay where they are, dirtiest of dishes soak in the sink, at least the cheeses have been bagged and thrown in the fridge, the crockpots sit in the very cold garage.     Our last guests have left.   K asks D,

“What can I do to help, what can I pick up?”   D quickly retorts, “Your ass off that chair and on its way home.”




11:11 pm.  Saturday, Dec 8, 2007.    The party’s really rockin’ now!   Santa has stopped by handing out lottery tickets fake diamond rings,  smokers are braving the temps out the back door, the bin for cans and bottles overflows.   A few couples finally tear themselves away to take babysitters home, and the dog sends his silent but obvious message to the others by attempting to sleep in the very center of the room.   GO HOME PEOPLE!    No one takes any notice of him…   Eventually, he crawls onto his bed in the corner. 




7:05 pm.   Saturday, Dec 8, 2007.   We sit at the ready!   House looks great, too much food is waiting for nibblers, fridge is stocked with a variety of beer.   We are the worst of party planners:   We sent the invitations (Start Time 7 PM) but did not request RSVP.   Nor did we bother to make the phone calls, “Are you coming?”    We have been ‘ready’ for this neighborhood holiday festivity, since 3:46 pm so now we sit and wait.

D exclaims, “If no one shows up, we’re moving.”




  1. You and your hubby sound like Tom and me. We say stuff like that to each other and just laugh our heads off. The party sounds like so much fun!!!!

  2. I’ll bet that Sunday didn’t suck after all, did it?

    Congrats on your party and for having a spouse who fully utilizes sarcasm. Me and my spouse do much the same, we are so gosh darned witty!

    David, no Sunday was fine afterall. House looks pretty good, even. Husband’s wit lasted all day, too. He promised me ‘never a dull moment’ and I’ve never let him forget it.

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