Past Posts Haunt My Blog

December 4, 2007

“If someone said 3 years months from now…You’d be long gone,

I’d stand up and punch them out!   Cuz they’re WRONG WRONG!”

Who knew?………….

Giving credit where due, the above lyrics are paraphrased from a song by Pink.  One of my favorites from Pink that I like to sing loudly in my car.   One of those songs that I fantasize that I would sing at kareoke, but the truth is, I chicken out and have only once many many years ago, ever got on a stage and sang kareoke.

And it was Delta Dawn.    Unfortunately, I thought I knew that song.   I don’t.  I only know the three short lines of the refrain that everyone else knows and NO ONE really ever needs to hear…  Certainly not by me.

I actually think I have a decent singing voice.   It’s that balance of fear vs. fun of making a fool of oneself…  The fear would prefer to sit quietly and drink beer.    The quietly part is debatable…

But I’m way off my post topic…

I am fascinated by the searches that lead people here.    I am however, slightly embarrassed that the number one post I have is the one about the L G  en V  cel lphone.   I am being hounded by lurkers who search ‘enV phone’ and then google-IMAGE my post!    Which causes it to become my top most-clicked ever! 

Sorry people, I don’t have this phone.   I cannot give you much help with deciding if this is truly the cellphone for you.   I’m really not that hip.    I had it one day then traded it in for less features and less dollars per month…

SO, should I ALTER the original post;  say, add spaces in the name of the phone like I just did above so that google can’t find it to display?   Or should I be excited just to have the traffic?

I am curious, though, about the person telling the search engine to ‘ask jeeves how to repair treadmills’ and how they got here…



Please note, I’ll be absent a few days:  running off to Maryland/DC/Virginia for a fun excursion.   Will have a report on this ‘field trip’ when I get back…    -“C”



  1. i always find it interesting the way people fall into my blog. Can i tell you i LOVE LOVE LOVE Pink! I was listening to her on my iPod today even! I knew those lurics before you said anything! awesome! Enjoy your trip!! Hallie

  2. Yes, Pink is a fave. I love her voice, of course, but I admire her attitude. You know that song about not knowing “enough to even dream”… something like that… anyway. I miss her on the NFL Sunday Night.

  3. I wouldn’t change a thing, C. Let them come to your blog however they get here– some of them will stay for the other great content you have here. I get almost 1000 hits a day for an old Amy Winehouse post, and most of them I’m sure are just clicking a photo.

  4. When I ran the now-dead Phillywriters blog, I used to publish the phrases that brought people to our posts. They were insane. All kinds of words dealing with l e s bia ns, u n der wear, can dy. (I write the words that way so you don’t end up with the same problems.)

    We were a bunch of writers who discussed writing. We didn’t even eat can dy.

    My blog brings all kinds of people looking for cupc akes. I can’t believe I’m known as a blog for cupc akes.

    Go figure.

  5. Every day I get hits from a September post I did on my fake Crocs. Today, I got eight different hits from it. AND after I first posted it, I got a request from some site to use the photo. They’re FAKE people, they cost $4.99, they are not real Crocs!

  6. @ Beth – Hey, at least cupcakes are respectable and delicious. My hits are from rip-off plastic shoes.

  7. A search on “CROC KNOCK-OFF” yields a whole bunch of boring hits about inexpensive rubber footware. Yuk.

    IMHO it’s perfectly OK to alter or edit any post at any time. It’s your creation, and there’s no reason for it be static. It’s not like printed media, but it is. Weird huh? GBTI!

  8. Hope you had a great trip to DC/Virginia.
    I too, get all sorts of interesting hits from weird Google searches. Some do stay and read even what they find there had nothing to do with their original search, so welcome any and all however they find you. I wrote about this in my post “Extra Ordinary Life Lessons” I am always filled with a 100 questions I want to ask them.

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