In Service

December 3, 2007

Are you one of those WordPressers who leave comments only to realize that no one is able to link back to YOUR blog?  You have a dis-connect!

Are you a frustrated WordPresser in that you don’t even know how to ask Support for what’s going on?

Have you gotten lost in WordPressForumWorld and looked on in horror with how some poor fools are being denigrated and humiliated with disdaining answers to stupid questions?


(Sorry, couldn’t resist that.)

No, you are NOT stupid.   You just don’t know what you don’t know.   BUT…  you do know there’s something you do not know.

I feel for you.   I have been there.   I, too, have been flustrated with how to seek the answer!

If I haven’t lost you yet, and you do have the issue I asked about in the very first sentence/question of this post;  well, hot diggity!  You are in the RIGHT SPOT at the RIGHT TIME!    It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?   Knowing that FINALLY, somebody is here to help you and not make you feel more stupid.

Here’s the situation:   You leave a comment in a blog.  You are hoping that the blogger and other readers might want to find your blog.   But your name doesn’t LINK back to your blog!  Goes nowhere, instead…

Everyone else’s comments link somewhere….  WHY NOT YOURS?

Issue:    You have an empty box in your WordPress profile.   

Solution:  Enter your blog’s web address in the right box of your profile.

Three ways allow you to access your profile.    If you are already in your dashboard, you can click on USERS, then PROFILE.  

OR…  in the upper right, there should be a “Howdy, (your name).  [Sign out, My Profile].   You could do that.


If you are staring at your home page, the blue bar should have My Account in the far left spot.   Fourth menu item down is Edit Profile.

OK, are you there?   on the right side of this Profile Page is a big box with the title CONTACT INFO.    The second box inside that is Website.   Yours is most likely blank?  

Enter the http://(yourname).wordpress.com   URL.     fyi, for what URL stands for, click here.

Update your profile and then come back here and let me know by leaving a comment.   Being able to link back to your blog will tell us if it worked!    🙂  

I’m also open to any corrections or suggestions.    Sarcasm is welcome; meanness is NOT.



  1. Thank you for posting this! There are so many times that I read a comment, and want to visit the site of the commenter, but can’t. I either give up or ask if they’ll post their URL.

    This should be on the “newbies” section in the Forums. Is there a newbies section in the forums?

    ====> MBMQ, I don’t know… If there’s a newbies section, I never bothered with it. -“C”

  2. Thanks! I had no idea.I wish I had more time to look at all this, but slowly with the help of the wise, I progress.

  3. HI Randomyriad, Welcome! Glad to help, “C”

  4. To MoonBeamMcQueen: Just try clicking on their names (at the top of their post) or their photos if they have them, it should take you to their blog if they have one and if they’re logged in when they make a comment.

    ( I don’t believe there is a “newbies” section but I could be wrong )

    Sorry to jump in here CuriousC.

    Peace, have a good trip.

    ~ RS ~

  5. Thanks, RubyShooZ. That’s what I do, but some people don’t have their names linked to their blogs. I don’t think that everyone’s aware that it can or should be done. I belive that’s what CuriousC is educating people on, and I’m so thankful!

  6. Yep, all one needs to do if you ever encounter anyones name not linking back to their blog is to send them to this post! I gotcha, Moonbeam… How’s that assignment you’re working on?

  7. Finished!!!! And only three extra gray hairs!

  8. You know… I went through that the first week or two that I ventured out into the blogosphere to visit other blogs and leave comments.

    I saw that others had links back to their blog and that my comments didn’t.

    I wasn’t sure why and only happened to stumble on it by accident later.

    This SHOULD be somewhere every new blogger can see it.

    Great post, C.

  9. aww thank you! now I’m ready to rock..that helped 😀

    You are VERY WELCOME! I’ll be by to check out more of your blog soon. 🙂

  10. […] have commentors whose ID won’t link back to their blog, just tell them to read this:  My POST on IN SERVICE:  the WordPress Comment Linking […]

  11. You personally helped me with my situation and I will point people here if I see them needing help like I got from you! 🙂 Thanks, C!

  12. Here I am giving this a try…. thank you for the info 🙂

  13. Ooooh! I had no idea! Thanks C! I just changed it right away! xoxoxo

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