WOW – I got that wrong…

December 2, 2007


I first typed in a title, “Boy, Am I Wrong”, but there’s no ‘boy’ here in my head that I’m talking to, and then I remembered the ol’ advice to never criticize the child nor self with a label — only point out the BEHAVIOR.   

You are NOT a dummy!  You just did a DUMB thing…

What I got wrong was to connect in a comment the idea that Ernest Hemingway was the guy who penned,

“It was a dark and stormy night.”

Nope, it was Charles M Schulz of Peanuts fame who called attention to this great opening line to a story.   And he was only borrowing from the true originator, novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton.   All this I found by looking it up in Wikipedia… 

Someone commented on one of my posts that my resignation letter, version 1, was ‘Hemingway-esque’.    Short, brief, concise, to-the-point.    Why?!  I’m curious, would I jump to dark-and-stormy-nights from that?

Just a dis-connect of some sort.  Yes, I’ll blame it on that.    But I really did want to create a post with the dark and stormy night theme!   

But, then I ramble on and lose the threads, jump the train tracks to other thoughts…  

like BEER.   Dark and Stormy!     Which only drives me to open another window so I can find a picture of such concoction – photos keep the story interesting, right?   but I found this instead…   fun! 

Until I got this:

 (I attempted to move the pic from the beginning of this post to this spot but IT WON’T LET ME!!   Now I’m upset with wordpress and this silly editor that I can never put my pics where I want them in my text and I wonder how other people do it or is it the template I am using!?!?!??!??!?!??!    ARRggggGHHhh!)

 See what happens when I freestyle a post?   

With me in this mood I’m in right now, it will be DARK and stormy around here.   My spouse better watch out… 


I give up.   See you tomorrow.



  1. I always wondered who was the first writer to use that Dark and Stormy Night phrase. Now I know. I also did what you said and put my web address in my profile. Thank you for that info. I am still so new at this. I know there’s other stuff I should be doing, I just don’t know what it is. So you are familiar with rotaries and the Bourne bridge? My niece just got married last year and now lives on the “other side” of the bridge. So she has to travel over the bridge twice a day because she works out at Otis AFB. She says she has had some near misses on that rotary because so many people don’t notice the yield signs before they enter it. They just come flying in.

    I’ve never called my son a dummy but Oh Lord he has done some dumb things and at 26 still continues to do so.

    ===>JH, yep, I’m ‘off-Cape’… Used to have job in Bourne… Mostly cuz I liked the prestige of saying, “I work on Cape Cod.” ha! The whole rotary confusion can be blamed on the state of Connecticut… They apparently have round-abouts where you don’t yield unless you are already in the rotary!! You have to yield to the incomers. Thus, if they only allowed RIs and Massholes to attempt to drive across the cape bridges, all would be well.

  2. My friend, to move the photo to where you want it, switch to the “code” mode and highlight, cut the words for the image and then click where you want the image in the post. Then paste it there.

    I hope that helps.

    (I must say, I love the dark and stormy night opening, but I despise Hemingway!)

    All love, all the time.

    ~ RS ~

  3. You didn’t do a dumb thing. I’ll bet almost nobody knows who wrote that line– I know I didn’t.

    I think a “dark and stormy night” resignation letter would be awesome: Something like, “It was a dark and stormy night, and I decided to quit working for you.” 🙂

  4. @ RubyShooz – THANKS! You are awesome.

    @ Moonbeam – I had my chance to give the (any) resignation letter today and I chickened out. sigh. NEXT WEEK THEN! Cuz the rest of this week, I’m going on a little side trip for fun…

  5. There’s always time for resigning– at least you’ll be be rested up for it when you get back from your side trip (which sounds intriguing, and I’m hoping you’ll write about).

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