Episode 3, Project Runaway

November 29, 2007

I mean RUNWAY!

Did I foreshadow with DRAMA?  Why, yes, I believe I did!   Not that it was on the edge of your seat drama but whatever last night’s episode presented, it DID have its share of tension; frayed nerves and frayed seams!   Oh, yes, I’m frayed-sew!   (ha,  I wish I could blame that on the coffee,  giggle giggle snort)

Episode 3 gave us a guest judge who played professional football, Tiki Barber!   The ONLY contestant who even knew who he was, was the straight guy.   Ok, that may be mean.   But I think it was accurate.   AND, I also think that most of the viewers were NOT aware of who Tiki is nor how WONDERFULLY FASHIONABLE these sportscasters can be!    

Kevin should have been given extra points for knowing who Tiki is.   And, he should have won.   I liked his best because it was purple and had more interesting details.

But, apparently menswear is hard.   difficult.    challenging.

uh, aren’t these challenges supposed to be?!   um, challenging?   but yes, of course.   Many viewers are complaining that the challenge wasn’t fair.    WHAT?!   yes, it was fair!    Whining that these poor designers weren’t WARNED that they might have to do menswear?!      They all have a level playing field, in my opinion.     Someone even complained that Tiki’s body is ‘different’ as an ex-football player.   BUT HE WASN’T THE MODEL HERE!   So who cares?   [oops – update/edit here…   Yes, Tiki has to wear the winning design on the Today show…  gotta go, he’s almost on air!] Being aware of how the design may translate to a ‘different’ body style might be important but really, they didn’t have any time for such consideration and knowing how this show works… the result HAS to be 

NON-BORING and well-constructed.

It all comes down to a quick innovative design and time-aware construction.

I liked Kit’s thought process and brave use of non-typical suit material.   But it was too casual.    And I think Jack needed ONE MORE PIECE.   So Kevin should have won. 

I did enjoy the male models…    lovely, lovely, lovely.




  2. I loved it last night, it really brought out the real competitors! LOVE IT!!

  3. Is Christian not the funniest damn person to ever be on the show??? I LOVE how b*tchy he is!!!

  4. Elizabeth! Hi! tell me your blog name? are you in wordpress? you don’t have a link back. and yet… I think I have you in my blogroll, yes?!

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