Fantasy Runway?

November 28, 2007

Yoo hoo!  Anyone?   Anyone want to play Fantasy Project Runway?!    

Yea, me neither.    But I am so very intrigued and amazed at myself for how much faffing I can do clicking through the universe reading up on ALL THINGS RUNWAY!!    (I really do not know if ‘faff‘ is being used here correctly; it’s a new word for me.)

So, today is Wednesday so you know where I will be at 10 pm tonight.    Reveling in design challenges, time constraints, fabric color choices, and DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA.

sigh…  oh, sorry, the link to play the fantasy stuff is here


One comment

  1. I will be watching right next to you in spirit! I love it!!!

    Oh and I posted about what a sweat lodge is! I hope you enjoy it!

    be well. Hallie

    @ Hallie… Terrific! I think it would be fun (and geeky) to go to a watch party! Just think of it! I love feeling a part of a subculture, at least I am ASSUMING that most of PR fans aren’t traditionally ‘normal’ HA! if you know what I mean. no offense! oh – and I’ll go check out your site and read about that sweat lodge… better be some juicy stories! “C”

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