You want a meme? I’ll give you a meme:

November 27, 2007

So WriterChick challenges me:

You want a meme? I’ll give you a meme:
3 questions: When did you know you were a writer? At what age? Where were you, what were you doing?

ABCs…Take each letter of the alphabet and find a word that starts with that letter to describe yourself or that tells something about you.

If you could be any movie character, who would you be? Why? What actor would star in the movie of your life?

Good questions, good memes, all.   I’ve already done the ABC one, and am not ready to tackle it again just yet.   I do love my ABCs…      

So, let’s attack Meme Question Number 1.

When did you know you were a writer? At what age? Where were you, what were you doing?

I do not recall any moment in time when I stopped and thought of myself or considered myself  ‘a writer’.   I don’t think I have ever refered to myself as someone with this title.

Does that mean I’m excused from playing?

I suppose I could pick yesterday…   (But I’m not telling my age. )   I was sitting in the uncomfortable but charming old desk chair that I bought for $15 many years ago at my 3rd job,  in front of my much-more-expensive black Ethan Allan computer cabinet that houses said computer and I contemplated these questions…  “Hey, writerchick is assuming that I consider myself a ‘writer’!”   

Now, I have always called myself a letter-writer.  I love to write & send snail mail and am a Hallmark addict.    I have more boxes of stationery scattered throughout the house than….  (hmmm, here’s one of ths spots where a good metaphor would be useful…   if I could think of one.   something clever, unique, accurate, something that conjurs up a humorous image….  anything?  nope.   ok then, go with a standard…  Now, if I were a REAL writer, I would have thought of something!   or at least have a reference book…) than Planters has nuts.     Than some old dude – or is it a pharmaceutical company? has liver pills.     I can’t even remember the standards!

Anyway,  I love to write letters.   

Oh yea, sure, I’ll admit I’ve told people that my long range goal is to write the next GAN.   Great American Novel.   But I was joking.   And trying to stop them from inquiring further into my ‘career’.   Stop asking me what I do!   

Instead, I be.   and thus, I blog…



  1. Far out! Thanks for taking the challenge. But I disagree, you are a writer. Maybe you aren’t ready to admit it yet. but you will. Bloggers are writers, at least good ones are. So there!
    😉 WC

  2. Thanks WC! I’ll practice saying, “I’m a writer, I’m a writer…” I’m still thinking on the which actress would play the part of Curious “C” if they made a movie of my life. That’s a tough one!

  3. Sure, it is “writing” that we bloggers do, but in a more ephemeral form than ever. But available to the world instantly! And that’s something amazing in itself.

    The simile you were looking for was, I think, this one: “X has more Y than Doan’s (or Carter’s) has little pills.” These patent medicines came in the form of tiny pills which must’ve seemed like a great bargain as there were so many in the bottle. Planters nuts work too!

    @David… I agree about how amazing this blogging thing is. I like the juxtaposition of linear thought yet with nonconcentric circles overlaps. OR is that redundant? AND. I can’t remember Doans or Carters because I’m TOO YOUNG! and they don’t have commercials on TV, and the pills don’t have a branded trademark name. Funny how much the marketing of pharmaceuticals has changed…. -“C”

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