Seven of Meme

November 27, 2007

I’ve been tagged.   I practically begged for it.   (THANK YOU!!!)   By Moonbeam via Thoughts-0-Dave


1) Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2) Share 7 facts about yourself.
3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4) Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

 Here I go.   JUMP!

1.   Just today I figured out that I have a button in this here edit box that allows me more options.  Like font color.    I have no idea why it took me so long to find it.     Is it new!?

2.   I have a thing for sports newscasters.   Oh let’s do tell!    Michael Smith, Mike G olic, Kir k Herb streit, and Mike Ditka (all ESPN).   I’m addicted to Mike & MIKE in the morning.     Hot!  Passionate about their craft!  love it…    Although Kirk had WAAAAAaaaayy too much makeup on for the KU-Mizzou game Saturday night.

3.  Every so often, I suffer from a self-diagnosed condition which includes an overwhelming sense of dread and doom.   I consider it is some form of agoraphobia but not really.      It’s like a blanket that suffocates and I feel like I’ve done something really really wrong but don’t have a clue what exactly but I had better be ready for some serious ass-kicking of world disapproval.    It goes away after a few hours, usually.    Haven’t had it in awhile…  Maybe it’s hormones, biorhythms, phases of the moon?   God, I hope it’s not a Dr. Jeckyl – Mr. Hyde thing.   ick.

4.   I once paid a prosperity coach to help me think more prosperous and abundantly but I had to stop when I ran out of money.

5.   My secret goal for my dream career is to be a referee in the NFL.   There is just no reason why a woman can’t handle the job!   Now, I can concede a woman would be a tough fit for a pro Quarterback spot but why not a referee or ump?!    The NBA has a ref that’s a chick == she’s my hero!    Guess I better start hanging out at Pop Warner games…

6.  I love to wrap gifts!    It will soon be that time of year when I loan myself out to the mothers in the neighborhood who need to wrap up all their kids’ presents and stash them somewhere the little runts won’t find.

7.   I learned a new word this week:     SIMULACRA.    Now you can, too!  (unless you already know it, duh).  

and now for SEVEN Taggees!    (if you don’t want to play, no biggie to me)  Also,  I want to tag the person who keeps finding my blog by searching ‘weird pie.’   Or could it be lots of people are searching for weird pie?    Someone found me by googling ‘weirdest pie.’     I’ve gotta stop with the pies, seriously folks.



Sue Ann


Rebecca at TryBecca

Dove at Dove Love

Grace Magazine


  1. Wow! These were great. I get the #3 thing in a big way, and have for years. Especially in winter, when the clouds are big and heavy and oppressive. Ugh. #4 is hilarious! I wanna be a prosperity coach! Simulacra is a wonderful word. I’ll be saying it to myself all day.

    Thanks for sharing your memes!

  2. BTW, I would have tagged you, even if you hadn’t begged.

  3. […] CuriousC tagged me. I’ve done this one before so I’m not going to tag seven people again. But I will write 7 different things than I wrote last time. […]

  4. Hey, I didn’t know you tagged me 🙂 but I did this one not long ago.


    Also, all this tagging is too compliated for me, lol 😉 But if you wanna another fun one, see my “Posts at a Glance” page for “Whadaya’ Reeeally Want for Chrismas? …” 🙂


    ====> Hello Dove! Yes, I didn’t follow all the rules – OOPS! and you having already done it is fine – I’ll go read as soon as I post this. 🙂

  5. Hey CC,
    Yep that little more options button is pretty new, about 3 months old as I recall.

    I feel you on the sudden depression/worry thing. I had that too and it turned out I was low on thryroid. Now why that would cause that effect I’ve no idea but it seemed to. I’ve also read it happens to people when their blood sugar is low – if you eat sporadically and/or eat a lot of sugary carbs that could mess with your blood sugar.

    Good one.

    ===> Good thoughts on the thyroid and/or blood sugar. I already am taking synthroid for hypo; and I know I tend to have skin issues when I chow down on too much sugar… Gee, think there’s something to the ‘eat right’ advice!?

  6. Nicely done CuriousC! Remember, Existential Dread is your friend! Paired with Mindful Euphoria, they are the punctuation of our lives. Having suffered from this in my 30s (also in the winter, as Moonbeam comments) it finally stopped after the trauma of losing a child. The knowledge I chose to distill from this, ultimately, was that things could always be worse. Our lives are the ultimate mashup of joy and pain. The Dreads still come, but don’t last very long. It’s hard not to get sucked right in when these feelings arise, but it helps me to remember the wavelike nature of feelings. They come, they crest, then they diminish. Music is helpful. And pies. Weird pies or normal pies.

    @David, {{{hugs}}}
    Existential Dread paired with Mindful Euphoria… I like that; those words calm me. I guess what makes the Dreads so scary is the feeling of no-cause. ah, fear of the unknown. Sometimes I just wonder if it’s that concept of Original Sin – I think that really terrified me as a kid and no repetitive singing of Jesus-Loves-Me could erase. Now, I try to remember ‘this too shall pass’. Thanks for sharing, “C”

  7. Oh CC, actually I think you may have already read/posted on my memes *smacks self in head* lol 😉

    Hey, too funny about the search for weird pies reaching you. I just like pies, weird or otherwise, heh 🙂 Well, maybe not too weird. Some people think mince pie is weird, but I kinda like it. Um, I’m gonna go now, lol 😉

    @ Dove… Your crack me up! you have a great sense of humor. I do read your posts and often not comment. Just so you know. I would like mince pie. I also want to experiment with a fruit cake pie of some sort…. someday. -“C”

  8. Oophs… number 4, nuuuuumber 4 on the instructions!

    Seriously, I didn’t notice an incoming link. I do take a while to read my regular blogs and I don’t always comment, but I’ll usually notice an incoming link in a day or two.

    Memes and such are perfect for the sibbia.wordpress.com blog. I’ll think about what seven things folks might want to know about me!


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