Shopping Therapy!

November 26, 2007

Ok!   I feel so much better.

 I went to Steve&Barry’s and actually tried on the winning design from Ep 2 of Project Runway that is now a part of Sarah Jessica Parker’s BITTEN line!   It’s not ‘me’, unfortunately, and, well, it was just too weird on my middle-aged body.    I really don’t know what I was thinking.     But it was fun anyway!   I tried to take a photo, too but my camera battery took that opportunity to play dead.

THEN!  I was able to use my $5 off if I spend $35 coupon at Hallmark which I should know better but I don’t.   I love cards!    and I bought curling ribbon (I detest cheap curling ribbon – must be high quality, ie Hallmark quality – or I just cry) and candles and little stupid doohicky ornaments with my niece/nephew names so I could get up to $35!    

AND…   Target for a few toys for those same niece/nephews….   I have to ship those, so I will need to schedule the wrap and pack this week.

AND, MORE….    TJMaxx is my fave.   Don’t even ask me what I bought:    stationery, blank book, photo album (the thought is I can use this as a last minute gift if I need one?  but it’s very pretty), and scrapbook paper!  

and finally, the ONLY REASON I really left the house this morning was to buy Cuisinart water filters for my coffee pot.    Cost $9.99 for two.    Jiminy!    I also bought pillows, this crazy garlic chopper, garliczoom.jpg  and a wine bottle stopper for a gift.

Check out this garlic chopper!    It’s by Chefn;  called a garlicZOOM.   I’m going to bring it as my white elephant gift at a cookie exchange I have coming up.    



  1. TJ Maxx is my favorite store, too! Loves it.

  2. Mine, too. And Home Goods. It takes me hours to walk through, I have to see everything. That garlic chopper is cool, a real score for a gift swap.

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