November 26, 2007

I seem to have run out of whatever that stuff is that stimulates the typing of letters into words in the WordPress Write-Post box…

I could yap about Project Runway, Episode 2 but can’t come up with anything more than 1.  I dislike the unfairness of team play, and 2.  I’m thinking MAYBE I will go to Steve & Barry’s and check on the winning design.   OH, and – shoot, while I’m here…  3.  I LOVED and wished we could see more of the designs pitched to SJP.   In only 30 minutes, not only a design but pretty boards!  in color and organized and some with overlays.    I couldn’t have done it.   I couldn’t have done any design in my head, let alone make a presentable drawing of it without any scribbles.    Guess maybe that’s why I’m not on the show, huh.    I’d be bawling like Ricky is every week and that’s just too much (boooorrrrrring) drama.

I don’t shop Black Friday so nothing to tell there.   

 See?   Nothing.    I’ve lost you to here anyway, dear readers, I’m sure of it.    [tag me for a meme?  not too hard though…]  Check back later in the week?   or later today.   It’s anybody’s guess, really.    I’m off to the coffee stand.  



  1. Hey CC,
    So the well has run dry, eh? I feel your pain. I’ve been there many times in my blogging career – but somehow it always turns around and changes and suddenly I have all kinds of things to post about. You will too.

    You want a meme? I’ll give you a meme:
    3 questions: When did you know you were a writer? At what age? Where were you, what were you doing?

    ABCs…Take each letter of the alphabet and find a word that starts with that letter to describe yourself or that tells something about you.

    If you could be any movie character, who would you be? Why? What actor would star in the movie of your life?

    Any of those grab you? 😉

  2. ====> WC, thanks so much for your sugs… and Ooo! I LOVE these questions! and after I wrote the post of my dry spell, I found out I was tagged by MoonbeamMcQueen so I have that to think about to0. ThxSoMuch!

  3. I love Project Runway!!! I did not shop either. Just deep in thoughts! Those sound like some good memes! i will look back later to see how it goes!

  4. Well, Moonbeam tagged you for a meme … so that’s something to write about.
    And I love Project Runway too!

  5. And I’m pissed off that she tagged you first, because I wanted to!

    ===> ah, the love! I’m feelin’ it. Thx LWB – I’m touched.

  6. I’m laughing myself senseless. This is great rich stuff, true fabric of some days!


    @SE! Thanks so much! Though laughing oneself senseFULL is fun, too… “C”

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