Prepare Ya A Papaya Pie!

November 21, 2007

Happy Be Grateful Day!    Let’s Celebrate with More Pie…

100_4803.jpg   This one is my “Prepare Ya a Papaya Pie!” Pie!  Pretty, isn’t it?   Thanks to About.com and Peggy Trowbridge Fillippone for the recipe…   I hope it tastes OK;  I detected a strange slight non-pleasant indescribable scent from the fruit but I was told ‘it’s fine’ by 2 people I was able to ask, “Does this smell funny to you?”   


                       100_4804.jpg  This is my Grandmother’s recipe for Pumpkin Pie – the standard, really.  Except she has a secret ingredient which makes it truly divine…   (This will be my last pie post for awhile, I promise…)



Happy Thanksgiving Dear Readers!  

May you have your favorite piece of pie

and still have room for more!!



  1. C– Is there a link to your grandmother’s pumpkin pie? I don’t see it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. Hi MBMQ! Of course not! Secret ingedients must remain secret… Every can of pumpkin usually has the basic recipe.

    and Happy Gobble Day – don’t have too much fun, now!

  3. […] Papaya Pie (no recipes here, just pics) […]

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