Project Runway LAST Night

November 15, 2007

First show was good;  they presented a fairly balanced presentation considering the quantity of designers and what all we needed to see:   the personality profiles, the construction process, the interviews, and the resulting designs – plus the who wins / who loses.   That’s a lot for one hour!

I must say I was sad to see Simone go.    I realize I didn’t have much time to really get to know her but I was rooting for her with her calm classy composure.   But her design failed on dullness, wierd jacket, and poor construction.    I don’t think her color choices of cream with yellow translated well on television.   With all the  featuring of her challenge to finish the garment, we knew her end was coming!   

Elisa is too funky to kick off too early.   She has a sweet impish pixie persona, too.   I doubt she’ll take it all.    I was not as thrilled with the young funky-glasses dude’s (Christian) design as the judges seemed to be:   they loved it;  and I can’t fault his sewing construction skills.     It made me laugh when he (Christian) was quoted as saying one of his fellow contestants was ‘wierd’.    Ah?   look in a mirror?!     We all have something to judge by, don’t we?   I also was not impressed with Victorya’s black dress.   Black is difficult on TV, too;   I think we miss the detailing.

Rami, the winner, presented a greek goddess draped vision.   It wasn’t my favorite but I do believe it presented his fabric draping talents.   If that’s what it takes, I guess.    I liked Chris March’s dress (it was purple!!) and I am adding Jillian to my list of characters to root for.   Her dress was bright and lively.   Sweet P intrigues me, too.    It’s her eyes – they are full of life.   Add Jack and Steven to my root-for list.   

Kit and Marion had the least screen time.  I bet this means they stick around a few weeks…    

and please, Bravo!   Get Rucker to begin again with his blog!   The background stories are hilarious!!   I had to scan the closing credits to make sure his name was listed as a producer…. and YES!  He’s back, too.  



  1. Didn’t Christian remind you of Chris Kattan playing “Mango” on Saturday Night Live? Check it out:


    Am I crazy?

  2. ===> David,

    YES! So, THAT is what/who he reminded me of!

  3. I just started getting into this show, but I can’t keep up with when it comes on. I’m hoping you’ll keep giving updates!

  4. MBMQ – what’s great about Bravo is they re-run everything. If you miss an episode, you can usually always find it on sometime. But I’ll be sure to provide the public service updates. 🙂 – “C”

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