Free Rice

November 15, 2007


While I was out blogging-about (it’s a verb) this afternoon, I checked in on one of my faves included in my blogroll:  Will Work for Food, and one of the recent posts enlightens readers to check out FREERICE.com

So, I did.   WOW!    Way cool.     IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY and FEED THE WORLD!   What’s not to love?     It’s a quiz;  offering words and multiple choice definitions and for every correct answer, they donate 10 grains of rice through the United Nations.   It’s made possible by the sponsors who advertise on the website.

I did OK on my quiz  (I admit — I cheated some!   I opened up google and typed in the words, then clicked back on FREERICE to select the appropriate answer.)  But most of the time I had it right.     All for a good cause.  

After the silliness of Project Runway and reading some depressing posts about evil in the world, I wanted to use my time and space and blog to promote positive light on a worthwhile issue.   

Somehow, vapidity does NOT sound like it would mean what it means.    Blandness?   OK.      May your life be anything BUT vapid!   Go, be lively!  Be inspired!  



  1. Ah, but you didn’t mention how addictive it is. I’m going to have to post about this too. I’d heard of it before but didn’t try it until today and now I’m hooked. I had meant to do other thngs but I’m STUCK on the computer now giving rice!!

    Thanks and hey, I’ve never thought of you as vapid.

    I hope you have a beautiful day today!

    Peace, love and understanding.

    ~ RubyShooZ ~

  2. Thanks Ruby! I missed ‘vapidity’ on my FreeRice quiz. NONE of the multiple choices looked right. I like words that sound like their meaning. I’ll have to post on that sometime… Did you know your jury duty post keeps showing up on my WordPress dashboard when I log in? It’s been there 3 days in a row! I recognize those incredible red high heels! Great avatar.

  3. Oh my goodness! I love it! I will admit this is addicting! It is a great idea! I too might have to post about this!
    be well.

  4. Hiya Hallie! More posts = more new words = more rice! – “C”

  5. CuriousC,

    I know that post keeps coming up and it’s been doing so for weeks now. I don’t know why and I wish if they had to do that they’d pick up on my latest post instead.

    It’s brought in extra visitors but durn, it’s time they quit concentrating on that. I didn’t even have to go! It has brought some interesting stories but I don’t know – I didn’t do anything special with that post and have no idea why they’ve taken such an interest in it.

    Anyway, MORE RICE!

    Peace today.

  6. hey Ruby! I saw it again today! Oh well, maybe there’s a glitch in the time space continuum…

  7. YAY Free Rice! What a cool site- thanks. Yeah RubyShooz it is kind of addictive. I got to 590 grains of rice and vocab level 43 and could not go further- “Page not Found”. Think maybe they were updating their site or something.

    ====> David, hi! Do you think that all this publicity, the traffic got TOO MUCH and it crashed? I tried to check it too, and it’s ‘having difficulties’…

  8. […] heard of this site before but hadn’t really checked it out until I came upon it again over at Curious C.’s blog and she really caught my interest in it. Thanks Curious C. I really do appreciate […]

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