New Goals!

November 13, 2007

I have a new goal and I’m excited to get started….   I want to learn how to MAKE BOOKS.    I have stumbled upon some fascinating blogs on book-making (I am so NOT knowledgeable about this – is it the same thing as book-binding?)   

Having lived in a past life in a town that had the COOLEST store in the BEST shopping district ever (but I think the store is gone and the KC Plaza shopping area is probably un-recognizable now), I always wanted to (but never did — why NOT?!) take a class at this place:   the Paper Source.  and now I’m even farther away from anywhere that a class in book-making might ever be offered but I’m determined…  

It feels right to me.

Then again (that slow insidious wisp of doubt/negativity creeps into the back of my brain), I really don’t need another costly hobby.   

Ah who cares!   Do it anyway.    



  1. Stop to ask yourself why you want to learn book making.

    List what skills you’d develop/improve and how the hobby would help or hinder.

    THEN you can justify the cost to yourself (or anyone else) or decide it’s not worth it.

    No more self-doubt! 🙂

    ====> Sibbia, yes. You are good to call me on this. And you sound like an engineer – “step through it, make a list!” and you’re quite right. I do wing it and let my emotions rule sometimes. And yet when told that I have a heart-disconnect, I get all confused again!

    Why I want to make books: I like books? I admire the creative effort? Why am I asking?! It just resonates with me? sigh…
    Skills to Learn: Concept to Construction Skills, Project Management Skills, Insightful Use of Materials, Playful Use of Color Skills… Ability to Analyze My Motives?

  2. Its still there. And my neighbor, Courtney, is one of the managers.

    Have fun.

    ===> Jimmi! I have an idea. Let me know when Papersource and your neighbor are having a book making class and maybe I’ll come to KC and we can attend?!?!? Of course, in 2008.

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