Manic Sloth

November 12, 2007

It really amazes me how quickly I can jump from doing nothing (sitting at my PC, wandering around blog-world… and/or contemplating my to do list) to the manic frenzy of too many things at once!

I realized that I want to get a few packages out to the mail box, which will also need little notes inside AND where is my journal!  to gosh-this-closet-is-a-mess to WHERE did I put down my pen?   run around, up and down the stairs, OOPS-get a post it note!   eEEekks!    Where did the morning go?!  frantic, frantic, manic madness!!

Crazed – berating myself for not getting this started sooner – truly from apathetic slothness to frenzy in half a second.

Stop – take a breath:   in through the nose.  HOLD IT.   Hold it.   Release slowly through the mouth.  Relax. 

Prioritize and enjoy it.     Ban the sloth and just calm down a little!    What will get done will get done.

The last photo of my sad but heartfelt poem in prior post is of a lighted mannequin being attacked by a milo plant.     Just in case anyone was wondering.      Can’t give any more explanation than that…



  1. I can relate– I can travel from sloth to guilt to hyper mode in about 33 seconds.

    Do you take all of these beautiful photos?

    ====> HI MBMQ! Yes, with my crappy digital camera – usually the skylines are level, something about the movement of pressing the ‘take the pic’ button… My banner is of “Central Kansas”… I’ll change to “Western Kansas” soon. Darn it, now that I think of it, I don’t think I took any “Eastern Kansas” pics! Guess, not flat enough!

  2. You do realize that today’s a federal holiday? No mail pick up. I’m enjoying my day off.

    ====> Yes, Jimmi, I eventually figured that out… oh well! My packages will be ready for Tuesday.

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