To distract myself from…

October 31, 2007

I have to go back to MoonbeamMcQueen’s list of how to warm up to write  later…   If I keep reading and clicking and LAUGHING,  I would only be distracted from writing my OWN post.   Not that I have anything to say, really.   

I must say that blogging has really helped my typing skills.   Go figure!   I’m not even looking at my fingers right now.  I’m looking out the window to see if any more trick or treaters will arrive on my doorsteop.

(I know, I just saw that I spelled doorstep wrong but it shows off that I only had one error in two lines of type and I’m just so darn proud of myself…)

Hey therey’s an idear!  I’ll tell you who has tripped up the steps to see me so far!    (My neighborhood likes to hit the houses right after coming off the bus so they can then scurry off to faraway playlands and …  parties?)

Bo Peep (yep, she had an adorable sheep!)
Dorothy from Oz
Davy Crocket
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Grim Reaper
and, …. I’ve already forgotten 2!

See why I needed to take notes!!!    But what you really want to know is what kind of candy I’m giving out, right?   sorry – kind of boring:  tootsie rolls and tootsie roll POPs.      

Many a year, Hub and I would turn off the lights and go out to dinner.     I just really think that kids do not need ANY MORE CANDY.   

Happy Halloween!   I’ll have a lull for about an hour; once it gets dark the doorbell will ring some more.



  1. For some ungodly reason, they don’t celebrate Halloween on October 31 in parts of Ohio. They call it Beggar’s Night, and kind of have it whenever they feel like it, I guess. They also set a specific starting and ending time. Maybe you have to buy a certain kind of candy too, though I’m not sure about that. Grrrrr…so, I was surprised to see little ghosts and goblins walking around yesterday. We had no candy, so we left the porch light off and ran away from home. Yours sounds much better.

    Oh well. Have to go do some more writing warm ups (I’m glad you like that page)! 🙂

  2. MBMQ – Yes, your “suggestions” yesterday were hilarious. I accidently started up the Chocolate Rain video twice (un-realized to me) which presented a fun echo effect. I was thinking how odd this odd guy is singing so oddly… catchy, though. How many times have you watched it? “C”

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