Meme – 6 Degrees of Separation

October 29, 2007

I was checking on my favorite blogs…    When I thought I would go see if Wolfgang at  Gazing Into the Abyss  had updated lately….    When I clicked on someone who had left a comment:

Loz at Midlife Journey.   He has made up a new MEME and I was intrigued…   He wants to play 6 Degrees and see where he ends up!   I’m trying it here and/or go to his blog and see how it works.    So being curious, I decided to go visit the blog of the person who was 6th on his comments list, but instead, I chose:  Dallas Meow  OOPS!     I violated the don’t count repeat-comments; too bad.   I chose this blog because she freely solicited more readers.    I oblige…   although, her blog for some reason takes a LOOOOONNNNG time on my PC to load.   And I really am trying to stay away from blogspots.    But I liked what I read. 

Her blog of this meme is HERE.     I like this meme because it sort-of “tags in reverse” without requiring anyone to do anything.   (did that make sense?)   It does require me to do a little bit of saving links to Word so I can organize and count properly… LOL!


I guess the whole idea is to see how connected we are and to learn more about blogs we may not have visited – get us to explore more!_______________________________________________________________________________________ 

SO, let’s get started, shall we?  The 6th last person to comment on my blog was:

OH!  Do I count the 1-2-3 by time commented or on any posts that had at least 6 comments (that weren’t my own responses?   EEKS – I’m not sure that is possible for me)

What to do…  What to do….

The 6th reader OF MINE to comment IN TIME order was Beth from Avenue Z on my post here .    And, in looking for the actual post with 6 comments that had no repeat offenders and discounting mine…  Zip, nada, NOT-HAPPENin’…  [However, to help those of wordpressblogworld, all you have to do is go to Manage and see your list of posts;  one of the columns shows how many comments each post has…   You can get the list by time-commented by going to Comments. ] Uh OH.   What if I go to another blog who also does not have so many comments to count all the way up to 6?   HOW MUCH TIME IS THIS GOING TO TAKE ME!    But, that is good, right?   I think Beth deserves LOTS OF TRAFFIC!   So, I want to help her.     

I choose WENDY who commented on Beth’s post on what keeps her going  And to my surprise!!   I’ve been to this blog before!  LIFE WITH BUCK…   Extremely entertaining.   Especially since I refer to my husband as “BUCK” sometimes…   But, alas, she does not have 6 comments (YET!) on her latest so I have to go to the next post on Sam Jackson in a Walmart?    TOO FUNNY!!!   And I’m glad Buck is OK.   And I love the robe with the Red Sox Nation patch…    Gotta go with…   a different post due to comment counts   (Sigh, this could get tedious?!)    

BRIAN at  In Repair.  (Yea!  Brian has lots of comments!)   Cute photo.

Red, your turn!   Blog:   Dr Pepper is Good 4 the Soul  which leads me to …  HEY!  The ABC MEME!!   Cool!   I recognize some on her blogroll; this is my first visit. 

And her 6th commentor is Laura  at  blog/post I Am The Diva  

Her 6th commentor is Damozel at…   ooo, another Buck reference!   What are the odds?    Back to their group effort home page gets me HERE.   

I think that does it.    My 6 stops were 1. Beth, 2. Wendy, 3. Brian, 4. Red, 5. Laura and 6. Damozel.    Very nice to meet you all!       Whew, that took some time.    All this linking and reading and tracking!   I need more coffee… 



  1. Well allow me to be the first to comment here and thankyou for the visit and comments on my blog. How was the coffee? 🙂

    Loz – Hello! It’s fun to be the first to comment, isn’t it? Thx for stopping by and I will stop by yours often! The coffee was Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut – YUM! – “C”

  2. Hi, it’s Wendy from Life With Buck. I was looking at the search results on my blog and saw you, so I thought I’d click over. And I’m glad I did because I finally figured out what a meme is! I’ve been seeing this word around and couldn’t figure it out. Finally I get it. Thanks!

    HI Wendy! Meme is a word meaning “You are now tagged and MUST to do the following…”; just some fun (silly? meaningful?) game/challenge to encourage blogging participation. I do think your blog is a true RIOT! “C”

  3. Wow. I didn’t realize I was a part in such a complicated search. Sounds tiring to me, but it was fun to read about.


    Hi Beth… don’t lie – it wasn’t really even that fun? was it? I’m working on some new material soon. ha! (have you seen any more traffic driven from my site??? Just Curious “C”

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