October 28, 2007

I have a new favorite word!   except I’m really not sure how to pronounce…   I have had a very limited exposure to Yiddish – usually only in print.    I read this in a comment on some interesting blog somewhere and had to go look it up.   

TSURSIS  – frustrating aggravation, troubles.

But after googling ‘define:  tsursis’, the first link I was given, does not have the pronunciation guide…   And I’m lazy.     But, fearing the idea that you Dear Reader will think less of me and my quality of being lazy, I clicked on the second link…   It, too, spares me the explanation of how to SAY it…

[must have had now-no-longer accessible photo that I ‘stole’ ?!?!?  off google images.  I apologize] 


   I’m assuming ‘sir’ with ‘sis’…   but I don’t want to assume anything.  Sir-Sis, silent T, right?  With neither syllable emphasissed.   )is that a word?)  With no emphasis on either syllable…



  1. Blogging itself takes so much time, doesn’t it? And trying to do what you’re doing is just … admirable. Good for you. And thanks for pointing out some interesting blogs I might not have found otherwise. Good work, you get my award for Least Lazy Blogger on WordPress.

  2. Okay. Somehow this is posted in the wrong place and I take full responsibility. Can you move my above comment and delete this one? You wanted busy work, I know.

    Wendy —- Nah, I’ll leave it. It makes my posts look good to have comments even if not related to the post. You’re off the hook since MoonbeamQueen tells me how to pronounce TSURSIS… Now, I’m not so aggravated! Thanks! “C”

  3. I always heard it pronounced “Tsuris.” You have to kind of say the T and the S together, and emphasize the first syllable. TSOO-ris, or SOO-ris, if you can’t do the TS thing.

    It’s also good to put an “oy” in there somewhere, as in, “Oy, such tsuris you’re causing me.”

    OH MOONBEAM! Thank you! “C”

  4. Hi there. I know this is an old post but I would love to help fix he broken link above. Love the blog, by the way.


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