Something Lighter…

October 26, 2007

I was about to type in ‘TGIF!’ but I really love all days of the week.    Fridays only mean TRASH Day to me.   

Which means that Thursday is, by default, ‘Pick Up the Dog-#$%&@ Day’.  

SO… I sit and type.  Ramble.  Just to say anything.   (And secretly?   I hope to POST this and then go to wordpress dashboard and see if I’m on the MOST RECENT POSTS list!    I am really hoping to catch my avator on the dashboard someday!   Of course, I should probably concentrate on putting out a really inspiring/thought-provoking
/interesting/worthy                     but…, hey.    There are no ‘shoulds’ in life.   Only choices and results.)

May you have a blessed and wonderful Friday and continue the “happies” right on into the weekend.   Smiles!   (Go Red Sox?!)

***UPDATE***   It worked!  I posted this and then checked Latest Posts and I was on the list!  Soooooo exciting.   Then I saw that I had not given this post to a category (or is it the other way around?)   BUT that the system (?  “THEY”??!?)  has assigned this to a category that I keep deleting from my list and it keeps haunting me.   so I re-assign to proper cats and think about tags (maybe, maybe not) and go AGAIN for the umpteenth time, delete the “1” category that keeps showing up.   I only need to pay attention.   Always good advice.   GOOD DAY!


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