Chicken Marinade

October 26, 2007

UPDATE (10/29) – this was AWESOME!!!   I forgot that I promised a followup.   No pics, sorry….   

I enjoy the cooking blogs because they remind me that living is supposed to be FUN!   I will never take this blog into that realm but I give myself permission to write about anything and everything I want to.   I am very far away from gourmet but do love it when I see it (and someone else is paying!)   

I like to use recipes more as a guide than a rule.   So, when the hub suggested I put the chicken breasts into some kind of marinade, I googled easy-chicken-marinade to see what my proportions should be.   I already knew I would need olive oil, garlic, and ______  lemon, maybe?   in what quantities?

My search lead me to this.   (giving credit where due.)   I have altered it some and here’s how in no particular order!

                 1.  Rather than lemon lime soda, I substituted Polar brand diet Ginger Ale.  (Cuz it’s not that tasty and the cans are taking up space in the fridge.)     I poured in the entire can; which is less than 2 cups, now that I really think about it…

                 2.  Instead of garlic powder (oops – I discovered an empty shaker of it in the spice cab!), I used the minced garlic in a jar, probably a Tablespoon.    (aghast!  I know, I know – I’m supposed to use ‘real’ garlic!)

                 3.  I didn’t measure the olive oil, nor the soy sauce (low sodium), and I know I used closer to a full teaspoon of the horseradish.

                 4.   I added a few shakes of dried minced onion.   For fun.   OH!  and lots of ground pepper.  I did the grinding.    Multi-peppercorns, too!

Six hours or more, Hub will grill and I hope – fingers crossed! – that it will be JUST FINE.   I’ll give a report in a future post.


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