ABC’s About ME Meme

October 26, 2007

Thanks to Lyrical Fool  for tagging me (sort of…) for a fun Meme.  [AND to Grace at the Wild Pomegranate]  Using the letters of the alphabet, I’m supposed to let you all in on some little known factoids about moi.    🙂    along with posting The Instructions, and then tagging a few more of you myself.  So here goes.

First, the legal stuff:

The instructions say that each player starts with some random facts/habits about himself/herself. As you are tagged you need to post the rules and your responses on your own blog. At the end of your post, you need to choose some people to tag, list their names and, of course, leave them a comment, telling they have been tagged and they need to read your blog for more information.

Check!  Alrighty then, here we go…    (oh wait!   First, before I start this, I do want to say that I wrote mine BEFORE I actually read Lyrical Fool’s list AND Grace’s list because I didn’t want their answers to influence mine.   

AND!!    I would prefer to use the same meme-ing philosophy that Fool utilizes in that I will NOT tag anyone but allow you, Dear Reader, to choose to do this on your own and link back to me!)

   the ABCs of ME:

AI recite the alphabet and think of people whose names start with each letter when I need to fall asleep.    So everyone I know named Ann, Alice, Alyssa, etc get a LOT more happy-thought/prayers than those people named Sue or Stacy.…   Sometimes, I try to do the reverse alphabet, too; But not as often.

B – I like to say ‘bum’ when most people in the Midwest say ‘butt’.


C – “caring and committed courageous and consistent” – was the start of my Mary Kay ’mantra’ when I was going after Directorship.


D – I got a D in Dynamics in college.   “D is for Diploma!”

E – I see this letter in the color green.

F – I’ve been thinking a lot about the weirdness of friendship.   I have a lot of friends but not very many close ‘do-things-with’ friends….  So many of those kind of friends live far away.

G –Golly, this is harder than I thought it would be!  

H –  I have this H letter silver charm that I wear on a necklace a LOT.  So many great words start with H!   happy, healthy, humor, honor, house, my name, hope, horse, ho-ho-ho, heart, hand, heat, hootenanny, happening…   

I – I love Einstein’s quote about the importance of imagination. 

J –  I knew a girl named Joy that almost soured me on the word ‘joy’.   But I got over it/her.   And I really do hope that she is well and doing fine.  I don’t remember her last name but could if I wanted to.   Keep typing….

K – Not enough words start with K but I aspire to be kinder in my approach to myself and the world.

L – I got brought in front of my sororities committee for morality (I cannot remember what we called that darn committee!  Oh yea STANDARDS!)  for my ‘LOOSE morals’  and I yet I was still a virgin.   Just got caught spending the night at a Frat (NOTHING HAPPENED ALRIGHT?!?!?!  SHHHEeehshshsh)

M – Of course, Moral STANDARDS frowned on drinking too MUCH and passing out at Frat houses, too, but I thought it ironic that I was still a virgin.  I had a reputation for what I really do not know! Oh well.

N – I have 15 pounds of raw chicken and duck NECK bones in my kitchen sink right now thawing.  (for my dog’s raw organic diet…)

O – I was going to write about my first orgasm but chickened out.   Even with this being anonymous, I’m still bashful!?!?!   Worried what people will think?   egads.     OK,  I WILL write that my Hub and I looked at a potential house near the intersection of 69th ST and  “O” Street.    In/near the BIG-O town (Omaha NE);  I can’t find it as a real address in Google Maps, though.   I thought it was LaVista…  anyway, we couldn’t stop giggling & burst into hysterics imagining our friends reactions….    sigh

P – PIE!  I bake weird Pies.    It started with “How come there aren’t more PEAR Pies?”   My favorite is grape pie.

Q – Last week, I just checked out a book on Queen Elizabeth.  And today I returned it after skimming and flipping through all the pictures.  It was written/published shortly after Chuck&Diana’s wedding.  I thought the QUEEN movie with Helen Mirren was excellent.

R – Ratatouille is one of my favorite words.  I have yet to see the movie.

S –  I don’t get Bruce Springsteen.   I don’t care much for his music –  It’s OK, it just doesn’t inspire – in me – the crazed adoration that uttering his name seems to bring on with most people I know.


T – Tiger Woods fascinates me and I hope to someday take golf lessons.

U – I can’t think of anything for U!   University?   Underwear?   Upstart?    UNBELIEVABLE.  

V – Verily I say to you.    V is another favorite letter.  It’s purple, of course.   I always wish my name had been Violet or Vivian.   I love that Jen and Ben Affleck named their daughter Violet.  

W – I have on my to-be-read-someday list any book on the Weather Underground.   Taking suggestions!

X – When I short hand the word TRANSFER I write”  “Xfer”   and when I short hand for the word CHANGE, I draw a triangle.   

Y – My dream with my Hub is to retire to a YACHT.   Specifically a 43 ft SeaRay Convertible of some sort.   Yippee!  This list is almost over!  and I do love a nice YELLOW color…

Z – I REALLY REALLY wish my name started with the letter “Z”…  like Zora, Zadie, Zulu, Zandie, Zena …    I rooted for Zora in the first Bachelor reality show…    Actually, “CuriousZ”  sounds good, don’t cha think?



  1. Thanks for the posting idea!! Enjoy mine!

  2. Way, way better than mine.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Grape pie? How does that work, do you have to PEEL them?

    And green? I see E in gray, probably for ELEPHANT! 🙂

    Anna…. OK! Goodie! I’ll post my recipe for Grape Pie soon; it’s MUCH easier than cherry or apple. no peeling. and YEP, I see the letter E as green and as lush as a newly mowed lawn… Green Bay Packer GREEN. Must be all the Es in the word green? but Elephant is good, too. Funny, elephant doesn’t have the long E sound… Hmmmm. Thanks for stopping by! “C”

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