Sleeping, Dreaming, Blogging, Somewhat Aware of Semi-Consciousness, Repeat

October 19, 2007

I seemed to float in and out of dream-state last night, while recollection tells me that I was thinking up all sorts of witty posts for this blog.   Sleeping, dreaming, blogging, rousing, sleeping, giggling, dreaming, blogging, wondering, floating in and out of consciousness…

Sorry, I can’t remember anything witty.

 You can pretend to be serious; you can’t pretend to be witty.               Author: Andreas Gryphius               Source: Horribilicribfax (act IV, sc. 7).



  1. I’ve had more than a few days like that. Hope you get a chance to take a nice long nap. I think it’s essential for everyone to take naps or siestas…yes, even in winter. Especially in the winter.

    Peace, love and understanding,
    ~ RS ~

  2. Hi Ruby! I only read half of your blog requesting how to respond to comments (and on tags vs categories…) I intend to go back and read all of it soon, promise! I, too, have varied how to respond to my comments. But please do know that I am THRILLED you stopped by to say hello. THANKS! “C”

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