Going to East Providence

October 18, 2007

Well, I’m not.  Going to East Providence, that is.  At least, not today, I’m not.    But I hope my latest ‘guide-EE’ finds East Providence.

Guide-EE is my *new* term referring to the elderly lady with an accent who just drove by and stopped to ask me for directions while I was out on my 2 mile walk with Oscar.    My guide-EE wanted to find East Providence.   Let me recall, how did she phrase her request?  “Yes, I’m looking for East Providence.”    I think that’s what she told me when I asked if I could help her.  

(I was able to give directions on the last walk I took, now that I think of it!   I am confident I gave correct instruction, since the house they were looking for was on the corner of the intersection I was walking when they slowed to ask for ‘Where is ____?”)

But the destination of interest for this new Guide-EE is 50 miles away from the off-the-beaten-path I happened to be strolling down just now.    Fifty miles is nothing back in the Plains States but here in New England, it’s a LOOOONNNG way away.   

I blinked a few times while my mind both raced for the easiest and most correct instructions to give AND with wonder of how she came to be right there right now talking to me!    Then I proceeded to tell her, ‘take a right here and then a left.   You’ll quickly come to a stop sign, take a right and then another right.   You’ll be on Hwy 28 which will take you to I-195.    You should at that point see a sign for New Bedford and be on the path to Rhode Island.”   She nodded, smiled and thanked me.   

She even signaled her intention for the first step: right turn.    I wonder how far she is now and if she is indeed still on this path to Rhode Island after all.     (Of course, I wish NOW I had asked her more questions….)

 I kept wondering…   Was this a sign for me?  “There are no accidents.”  What was this chance meeting, this event, supposed to tell me?     or…   if it is just ‘one of the those things’,  WHY was this woman driving around my town on her way to East Providence?   Maybe she actually lived quite close.  Maybe she decided to go for a drive, began the drive and didn’t even know where she wanted to drive to until she saw me and thought….   “Hmmmm,  East Providence would be a fun place to visit.   Perhaps this nice lady and her dog will help me find it.”   or…    Perhaps she had been driving around lost for hours!    Then I must wonder if she should be behind the wheels of a motor vehicle!     

OR….    Bigger cosmic forces at hand, getting me to THINK some more…   Do we get so lost and off path that when we do realize we have to stop and ask for directions, we are aghast at how very far we are from where we want to be?   (by all the “we” ‘s here, I mean  “I/me”…)     If yes, so what.   Smile, NOD, and say thank you.   Then be on our (my) way.    Be sure to use the signal indicator…



  1. Sometimes we just miss our turn, because we’ve been talking or absorbed in something else while driving.

    Isn’t it wonderful the Universe provides what we need, when it comes to our course corrections?

    Since I moved, I get lost all the time. I stop at a 7-11 or something like it and claim that I shouldn’t have been let out of the house without a keeper and would you be so kind to help me?

    All of us like experiences where we are asked to share our knowledge and/or wisdom. It makes us feel good about ourselves.

    Maybe you haven’t seen the bumper sticker?

    “Support Search & Rescue. Get lost.”

  2. That’s funny!

  3. If the lady is anything like me, when she got around the corner after turning right she probably had to ask the next person she saw out walking and ask them where was she suupposed to turn next.

    I want one of those bumper stickers!

    Here’s to peace and maps.
    ~ RS ~

  4. Nice commentary on life and asking directions and the cosmos.

    I enjoyed it very much!


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