Not Sew!

October 14, 2007

While checking my blogstats this morning, I see that someone found my blog by searching for ‘learning to sew blog’.   

Uh, sorry.   I have no idea why such a search would have led someone here!    I do not know how to sew, and I don’t recall any posts that reference learning to sew.  

I do have a sewing machine because my mother-in-law gave me one.    And, recently, I purchased a book on how to sew to prompt me – inspire me! – to give sewing a good college try.

But, sorry to disappoint.   My blog is NOT the place to visit to learn to sew.    Best wishes that you do find what you are looking for.   (and feel free to come back and tell me what you found!)

OH… I may not sew but I do cook (sometimes – hub would say he does ALL the real cooking around here…);  I enjoy baking.    Today, I cheated and tried a coffee cake from a box but I tried the VARIATIONs idea on the side….  However, it’s not coming out!   I don’t think I measured the butter quantity correctly or something.    It was a mixed berry with crumb topping but the topping still looks unmoistened and too fine of crumbs while the inside is way too gooey.   It’s already been in the oven 20+ more minutes than it called for.   Oh well.     It will still taste yummy.    Visit Smitten Kitchen if want a fabulous food blog…


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