Lost Blogs

October 14, 2007

I’ve lost a blog.   Actually, a few. 

I have been thinking about a blog I had been reading on a regular – ok, semi-regular basis, and was thinking about checking in on the guy again to see what he’s been up to lately…

But I can’t find him.    I must not have saved him to my blogroll!   WHAT?   and why not?   I think I was thinking I had too many blogs in my blogroll and I just can’t keep adding them!   I must be SELECTIVE.    I have to consider my time to actually check in on these blogs every so often.   

Blogging ettiquette aside, how do these communities build up?  how much time does it take?  oh, the obligations!     I know I’ve been branching out and reading other new and exciting blogs that I jump to from blogs on my blogroll’s blog’s comments.   I think, “Oh, I don’t need to add that blog to my roll.  I’ll just go to this blog I visit so often and jump from there cuz THAT blogroll has it listed.”

Silly me.   Nope, I have no idea how to find this blog.   So, if any readers know of a guy who used to be a band leader, uses TONS of quotes in his post, lives in South Carolina and works in a game store, let me know?    and, gosh, if he actually IS in my blogroll!?   nah, I’ve searched through them all, haven’t I?

Has this happened to anyone else?    Also, is there a way to find out whose blogs have your blog on their blogroll?   OK – I’ll post this and THEN go look in forum to the answer…. 



  1. Hey, “Curious” –
    Thought I’d check in on you this morning and I really had to laugh when I read this post. I am quite familiar with the blog you are looking for…as it is my husband’s blog. He goes by the screen name “Wolfgang” and his blog is:

    He has been quite a prolific writer with the goal to post everyday, but lately he has been too busy as well. You can probably look for some new posts this week thoough as his schedule is a little lighter.

  2. Awesome! That IS too funny! what a truly fun world this is…

  3. Hey CC,
    What a dilemma! I have done this too. Certain I would be able to find the blog again. One thing I started doing was when I find a blog that interests me I add it to my favorites in a fav blog folder. If I find I keep going back I add it to my blogroll.

    The only way I’ve found of discovering who is blogrolling you is to check technorati. Click on your blog and then click on authority. It should pop up all the blogs that have linked to you or one of your posts. I’ve found some secret readers that way and have ultimately added them to my blogroll too.

    Also, check you referrers on your stat page, click on the urls you don’t recognize, chances are they’ve blogrolled you.


  4. WC – thanks! great ideas! My reason for doing the extra page of ‘extended blog roll’ is one way I was trying to id my favorites and I like that they pop up in a new window that way…

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