You would think…

October 11, 2007

You would think that somewhere on this internettable plethora of stuff, would be a translator (political speak aka double talk) website tool – free, of course – that would help me phrase an answer to a question I would rather avoid in such a manner that would distract the questioner and then they would realize NOT to ask again and just accept that I will not deal with said problem issue.

Or did I just not DO-THE google/dogpile/ask jeeves or whomever whoever with the correct ‘advanced’ query?

 Question:    Could you please _______ ?
 Answer:      No.

For the umpteenth time.  No.   Sorry.   Deal with it.     “Oh, thank you Buyers Agent, for again requesting this request in such a pleasant manner, when knowing that we should have brought this up way long ago at offer time and even prep P&S time and not 5 days before closing, when you know that for me to say yes, would mean that I myself would have to go and do the dastardly task which would probably result in my breaking a nail or running my hose or some such other nonsense (ie spend money) and that as a way-more-resourceful person than moi, that the buyer should be able to handle this small problem issue and leave me out of it.  Haven’t we had enough to deal with already and haven’t I denied the request for upteen times minus one?”

oh but wait!    I have previously praised ‘pleasant persistent pest-ness’…    Common Sense and mutual respect, people!   Oh, yes, Buyer’s Agent, ask again.  I will smile with compassion and pleasantly repeat:   No.


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