Vexes me so

October 11, 2007

Patience serves as a protection against wrongs as clothes do against cold.  For if you put on more clothes as the cold increases, it will have no power to hurt you. So in like manner you must grow in patience when you meet with great wrongs, and they will then be powerless to vex your mind.                 Leonardo di Vinci

I like the word ‘vex’.   Fun to say, has great words to rhyme with (ha!  what did YOU think of first?!), and it seems to me to have a gentle yet strong meaning:  (google)  “annoy: cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations“.   Ok, gentle may not be what I am trying to say.   Minor irritation…   Hmmm.  Yet Vex has an elegant quality of sorts.

My hub likes to say, “ah, it vexes me so.”   and usually used in good humor.  

What vexes me so is my current task of transaction-handling in the crazy world of real estate.   I have an upcoming closing.   YIPPEE!   I can hardly wait.   And yet, I’ve been only lately (like this week… ) calmly reacting to the lastest little crises.   (Crises doesn’t look right to me, but this fun internet source of infinite knowledge and facts at my fingertips, assures me that crisEs is the plural of crisis…)   I have had plenty on this one deal.   Crises times crises.

A closing.   A passing of papers.   (I dislike the reference of ‘passing of papers’ – too similar to the passing of gas…)    A transaction completion.  Hurrah!  Hooray!   I’ll finally get my money!

It surprises me so often how little respect and regard people have for this profession and yet think it utterly amazing and crazy that I work and spend money before I ever see a dime.   And the dime could vaporize into illusion quite easily!   

I’ve been getting yelled at every 3 days or so from a contractor who did work (knowing that payment would be AFTER) on the house that will be sold next week (knock on wood and GOD-willing).  I don’t have the kind of money he is invoicing to pay him and it’s not my job to pay him – it’s the sellers.   Long story WHO the sellers really are…   He keeps telling me that it is OUT OF LINE and UNHEARD OF that he should have to wait for his money.   That it is ‘unacceptable.’   SIGH.   and if this buyer decides to walk away… it will be a very long time til he sees any payment and I still won’t be able to help him.   I wish he could see or feel SOME … OH!  what IS the word?  happiness?  no…  relief?!…   that at least I have a date  – less than a week — for the closing and he is on the list to be paid at that time.    We have a ‘when’!   so get over it and stop bothering me…  SHshssseeshshshhshsh.

It vexes me so that I have been diligent to be in communication with everyone; timely, thorough, considerate and pleasant.   My boss tells me that being a ‘pleasant persistent pest’ is the only way to be a good agent!   I do get compliments on my professionalism and how knowledgeable and HELPFUL I am to those I get to work with – the buyers, attorneys, the appraiser, the (other) contractors, etc.   My mind vexes I’ve been able keep to myself…    I won’t make enough on this deal to pay the advertising, gas/miles on my car, website costs and on&on.   I didn’t have enough deals this year to cover my time, let alone my yearly expenses to BE a real estate agent.    

Now I’m ranting and complaining.   It vexes me so…   What started this post was a quote; an inspiration to be patient so that my mind could be vex-free.    I conclude with another from Victor Hugo.  (and then I will go take a nap.)

Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.



  1. {{curiousc}}…ANY competent contractor knows work done on a real estate deal in is escrow and payment waits until the deal is closed. ANY contractor that works with real estate agents also knows how many deals actually close when they were originally planned.

    That’s Realty Reality.

  2. Oh great! please don’t let me doubt his competence… I just want to pay him and have him GO AWAY in that moldy goodnight far far away. I couldn’t believe someone else told me to tell him to slap a lien on the property. PLEASE NOOOOOOO.

  3. Oh heaven’s NO! A Contractor’s business skills and his contracting skills are not associated. The thing I meant to convey, was that he is not being responsible, nor professional and it would be FINE for you to tell him so.

    He’s already done the work, so you can tell him to shove off and deal with his issues himself. And yes, a contractor’s lein is his avenue, if he can’t wait to be paid otherwise. It sounds to me like this contractor is having difficulties with cash flow.

  4. No need to tell him anything more except ‘hey, I have your money’. Today is closing day and I am choosing to feel only HAPPY and GLAD about all of it and everyone involved. I am ready to close this chapter as just another experience I learned from (emphasis on past tense…)

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