September 25, 2007

A thought-provoking quote from The Naked Soul:

“Even though we may not be conscious of what our purpose is, intuitively we know our true purpose and our soul and our source will not permit us to sustain passion/fire for something, which is not aligned with our purpose.”

I have the intention…   I intend to set the intention…  OK -the ol’ getting ready to get fixin’ to get started!   Enough already!!     I want to align myself with my true purpose.   I want to be aware enough of my soul’s purpose.

This blog is one of my attempts to awaken that introspection into my soul.     Can you “awaken an introspection?”      Am I committed or planning to someday sit down and make the plan of my self-improvement plan?  sigh

Off the subject:   My mom-in-law will not be mailing me the photos and paint colors.   She’s decided to go with the lighter taupe.      AND…                I’m off on a fun trip to the Windy City for a few days.    Will be ‘un-plugged’.   Will catch up with y’all on Sunday.       Joyfully yours, the ever so curious “C”



  1. Curious C,
    Thank-you for the link! I am sure that you know the answers to the questions you ask, it’s just a matter of when you will acknoledge them.
    Have a safe and loving trip.

  2. Every time I read or hear something like this I think I really should look into coaching…

    I suppose I’ll just work on my intention collages instead (for now at least).

    Oh and thanks for your comment on my blog. It was really sweet.

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