Decorating Advice

September 21, 2007

My in-laws don’t have a computer.  And I truly believe it is because it annoys us kids so much.   They are so smirky about it, too.   Like, it’s a badge of honor thing, not to own such a contraption.    

Which is why it’s so cute when she calls me for decorating advice.  She wants to know if I think she should paint the living room a dark taupe or the lighter taupe.   See, she got some new chairs…      She lives 1500 miles away.   I can’t just drop in on her this afternoon.

So, here’s what she is going to do.   She has taken photos of the chairs;  she will mail these and the paint sample color cards.   Once I receive and make my decision, I am instructed to call her and give her the result.   (I’m already thinking I will go with the darker color…)

Oh yea, she can do that quickly.  She has that Kodak easy share camera with a crazy-large San-Disk plus the printing station.   She’s high-tech on some things.   Anything to avoid getting a darn PC to store these photos on or exchange them with any of  us kids.

I’m so looking forward to her letter!!



  1. Funny. I wonder what would happen if you bought her a oomputer?

    Hi ToBeMe! – Oh no; we tried that. It disappeared. Donated to charity, I believe. -C

  2. […] the subject:   My mom-in-law will not be mailing me the photos and paint colors.   She’s decided to go with the lighter […]

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