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September 20, 2007

Watched The Queen with Helen Mirren last night.   As much as I do know about Princess Diana, I know so little about the Queen.     Fascinating movie, well done.  I thought the actor who played Tony Blair was superb, and Mirren was truly incredible.   

My memories of the crash in Paris are still vivid, ten years later.   We were in DC, staying with my friend from High School whose husband is from Marsailles area.   We had CNN on in French and O translated.    So sad.     The movie really captured how much the world was captivated by Diana and how we all were touched by her life.

Then (last night, not last decade)  we switched to watch the end of Independence Day.  I love Will Smith and think he is  fearless and ambitious in a good way.   Not that this movie could be considered high art; entertaining for what it is.   I don’t think it was trying to be more than a good blockbuster spectacle and THAT it did achieve. 

Phone Update:   I have the LG VX8300 VCast(?) phone but I am really not sure if I signed up for all the features it can provide.    I just wanted a phone.    It does come with a camera but all I do is snapshot people for my contact database.

I’m listening to Jamie Cullen [I Want to be a Popstar] on my last.fm radio playlist.   Blogging has exposed me to a whole new variety of music!   Usually, I sit in my house in quiet.    I rarely watch TV during the day.    Contrast this song with Nickelback’s Rock Star!     I’ve been isolated in Country music recently…   years, actually.   and only in my car, on the radio.     No IPOD.   only own a few CDs.

I don’t really know what I think about Barry Manilow canceling a visit to the View because he disagrees with the politics of Elizabeth Hasselbeck.    Did he not realize the personalities on the show when he booked the – would it be an ‘appointment’?   Are we so polarized that we can’t even sit and have a civilized conversation?     Or was his point to make news – cause a controversy and you get noticed.      Appearing on the show and saying something brilliant in opposition to some point that Ms Hasselbeck MAY have provoked wouldn’t have gotten the attention of the press.    Comparatively.     But then, he has to be a pretty old guy by now!     His LIVE album was the first album I ever purchased..   yes, in grade school.  

and my very first record – a single – was some 70s song about Time.   Not Time in a Bottle…  I’ll think of it one of these days.    It’s so close to rising to top of mind, I can sense it!   But Kelly Clarkson is belting it out now on my playlist…  conflict.

I just read The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros.   Beautiful.    Quick, too.   I liked the ‘chapter’ about Bums in the Attic.   But my favorite was about the Four Trees.   Keep keepin’ on, my amigos. 


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  1. i love remembering my firsts with music! I was working the other day and the guy I was ringing out was singing “Red Light Special” by TLC (which was awkward by the way!) and I said (to keep him from scaring the customers) “Singing a lil’ TLC huh? That was my first CD” He thought it was an excellent CD to have as my first! My first tape however was “The Green Tape” not sure what was on it—I’m sure little kid songs, but I remember asking my parents to “Put in the Green Tape!” whenever we were in the car.

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