Hired Gunn

September 18, 2007

I’ve hired Tim Gunn!   Actually, I’ve only purchased his book.   I am excited to learn how to find my own STYLE with Quality and Taste.  and have Tim’s help along the way.    

I love Tim Gunn!   I was not so enamored of his new show, however, but am eagerly awaiting the next season of Project Runway.   I love everything about this reality show.     The goals and dreams of the designers; their uniqueness, skill & creativity to design and construct given a theme, a few $$$ and less than a 24 hours to complete the task.      I  read the blogs of the participants, and especially enjoy the behind the scenes thoughts of the producers.    I am fascinated and hooked.   Bravo:  Bring on Season 4!

My husband has the absolute opposite reaction to the show.    It makes his skin crawl.   He can’t even calm down enough to explain how much it vexes him to find me ooo-ing and ah-ing over Project Runway.     He cannot understand my enthusiam for fashion and the ills of this show in particular.   Bless him, he does grant me the wish to view the program on our big screen TV.   He can then camp out upstairs and watch sports or whatever all by his lonesome.

So, what do I find in the first chapter of Tim Gunn’s Guide to Quality, Taste & Style?    That I should first:  KNOW WHO I AM.   Sigh, that seems to be a theme I run into all the time.    I do – so I say often enough – I do want to know who I am; in fact, most of my goals these days, include discovering the answer to the riddle.     I can’t tell you how many times, even as a grade schooler,  I screamed whenever anyone said, ‘Just Be Yourself’.     Who IS that?!    Anyway, that aside, I’ll move on.   What does thrill me in a positive way with this first chapter, is to find out that Tim Gunn loves me right back.   I quote,”I love the fact that you exist!”    Isn’t he SWEET?!

Who knew that this book would open up a whole new world for me?   Silly frivolous fashion?   scoff.    This is high minded stuff.    I am reading more words I do not know the meaning to (couldn’t even fancy up a guess to a lot of these!) and the references to fashion PEOPLE I have never heard of is already over 10.    I’m on page 40 of a book with pictures and big type.     I have been a ‘reader.   I love to read and I read a variety of genres.   I had only recently read Jane Eyre and other ‘chick novels’ because in high school, those were the books the cheerleaders read.   I myself, chose War and Peace and Les Miserables.    Point is, I am quite intrigued about how much I don’t know about fashion.

Ah, so much to learn.   I am excited to do just that!      And, now,  for my reader friends who enjoy the motivational/self-help/awareness bent of blogs, I share Tim’s motto “Make It Work.”   

“… often, students who struggle with an assignment are inclined to abandon the struggle and begin again.    This practice unnerves me, because it’s like playing roulette with one’s work.  What assurance does one have that the next spin of the wheel will be successful?  Important learning occurs when a struggle is examined and analyzed , diagnosed, and a prescription offered.  Ergo, make it work.  I believe that we all benefit from the make-it-work practice.”

I have been such a student.   I’ve been abandoning projects (and jobs) for so long, that I have little confidence to start anything.     So, now a new interest in fashion?   Well, it just may be the diversion I need to spark some passion, test the waters, LEARN TO SEW, find a new career?!     Craft a sense of self.   and learn to step up to the challenge of Making-It-Work…   for me.


  1. I love that quote. I am that person, as well. Only in the past few years have I discovered that they difficult road is usually the one that will bring you to your desired destination! It’s all a matter of attitude-adjustment…and a little faith!

    Lisa – Thanks! The road less traveled, right? A little faith and just the willingness to ‘make-it-work’ by taking a deep breath, maybe a
    step back, and alas, twist and re-adjust that attitude.
    Thx, – C

  2. ooooo Tim Gunn! I watched his new show last night–I am also not a fan. I love “What Not to Wear” and find too much of Tim Gunn talking is not good. Love him in Project Runway–there is just enough of him! I’d love to hear more about the book as you go through it! Fill me in on Tim’s fashion advice 🙂

    LB – (hey look – I’ve figured out how people respond to other’s comments within the comments!)
    I will keep my blog updated with Gunn-thoughts and reactions. In fact, I’m thinking about invited a friend to help me edit my closet
    because I think that just might be a monumental task. When I do, I will post a photo of my closet. It is rather embarrassingly large…
    Thx for reading! – C

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