We got SIGNED yesterday.

September 16, 2007

I think ‘the KIDS’ still TeePee houses, but this time, we woke up to about 40 political and real estate signs littering our front lawn.      We think it was a neighbor.   A neighbor with grown kids.   Can’t blame this on the youth.  

I laughed.   I feel ‘pop-lar’!   Somebody likes us!    Called another neighbor who gave us the “you-didn’t-hear-this from me, but, just the other day, so&so’s front yard was full of signs.   It was probably them.”  

The hub thinks it HAD to be some teenagers who got confused and hit our house instead.   But I don’t think do.     Anyway, with Halloween coming up, Hub wants to dump a few hundred pumpkins on the lawn of whoever did this to us.  

I want to let it be.     Be amused; enjoy the attention and the comedy.  Pick up the signs.    and go on.     Being the nice gal that I am, I will call or drop off the realtor signs to the appropriate company…

That’s all folks.      


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