My 30th Post: Thoughts on Blog-O-Mania

September 14, 2007

I feel like the little kid who was invited to a party and yet had no idea how exciting the party would be until I started to dance.

I’m settling in with the charged atmosphere and getting comfortable enough to go peruse the refreshment table and calmly look around.    I’m dropping into conversations, sharing a little bit of who I am, being BRAVE.    and then being THRILLED to see my blog on other’s ‘rolls’!

However, I’m starting to see vague RULES emerge.   Am I required to comment back to comments?   Do I expect others to comment back if I drop a note to their blog?    and, so for the record, NO, I don’t think so.   If I have left a comment and you feel obligated to come visit my site and also leave a note, just know that I respect your perogative to do so or NOT.      Sure, it’s thrilling to see my words in cyper-space ‘print’!   and it’s thrilling to see something I say acknowledged, either here or ‘there’.    But, I’m a newbie!   I’m having fun.

It saddens me when a blog I’ve been impressed with and maybe even intimidated too much to leave a comment and then build up the nerve to do so, is now quitting or doubting their blogs due to not having time to go visit  and return-comment on ALL their fans’s websites.   Please, again, don’t feel obligated!    

Just another reminder that most of the blogs that are well received, well read, and enjoyed seem to be written by those who do it solely for the personal enjoyment they get from their own words.   The comments are cool, yes.    But that’s not the goal.    Written for outlet and expression, written by some motivation ‘beyond’ and trusted.     Then again, do I write this post today as a missive to those who want to quit so that I don’t feel guilty for being one of those new fans requiring your attention and flattery?    

Comment back!  PLEEASSE!   I want to know if anyone is out there?!!?   not really.   do what you want.  I’ll be fine.   I’m just not writing THAT kind of blog right now…   where I get 2 cents for every one who reads and sees some ad on my site.  (only cuz I have yet to figure out how to do that!!)   which would drive my motivation to write awesome worthy posts consistently.    I’m just playing.  

I was thinking how this blog-world is like flying through the forest like Tarzan, ya know?   I swing to my FAVEs and then I jump to somewhere from their blog roll (cuz mine got too crazy and I need to weed it down – no offense, right?) and then I read comments and go see THEIR site and then I get lost.    I know I have bloggers I would love to go find again but I didn’t save thier address, so.   Not meant to be?

And then the THRILL – of seeing finding myself really far from home – reading some blog with no connection that I can trace back – and seeing in in THAT blogroll, a site I am familiar with!   Makes me think it is a small world out there.   

I have a friend who once sent me a blog link about 6 months ago and I thought it was cool.   It was a knitting blog and her topic that day was about the selfishness or not of having children.  or not.    Huge response.   Anyway, I was mildly intrigued with blogging then.   Knew about it as a concept.   Not sure what the big deal was, etc.    Not until I was reading a website of a life coach who blogs occasionally.   Someone who commented on that site, had a link back to a blog.    Hmmm.   I followed.   and explored.

 Now, I’m addicted.   Started my own blog here.    Every day, I try to limit my time to just jump around and be Tarzan swinging on the ropes and finding topics that resonate with me.

Yesterday, I was reading about wierd myths linked to one of our obscure Presidents.  Somehow got to a journalist in India.  Then to a wannabe comic.  Then to atheism.  Then to homeschooling.  Then to a tribute of a well-loved blogger who died.   I had never read this man’s words while he was alive.   Yet I was in tears of the touching comments given in this man’s honor.    I’m choking up now. 

I follow recipes a lot.  I follow cool avatars.   I jump around and pick favorites.     I can see, if you get too many favorites, how DO you keep it up?    Is this a fad that will fade?    Is it like towns you live in that eventually, you settle into a routine.   Do only what you know?  Get overwhelmed at how big a mess of un-importants that now seem to fill the hours?    LIMITS!   we need limits!     Which requires us to judge.  Compare.  Get critical.

Time to stop writing.  thinking.  typing.    (I prefer short posts!  oops)    ENJOY  LIFE.   Remember to EXPLORE and encourage the butterflies of anticipation of something new & creative. 



  1. It always feels good to get comments..make you feel as though someones reading your stuff 🙂
    It also allows people (like me) to find blogs (Like yours) that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to find otherwise…so for me I’m glad you left a comment with me so I could find YOU…
    Have a great day 🙂

  2. I never really got all that a blog could do (and am certainly ignorant still) until I started one.

    There’s an energy in creating one, and it was a while before I started branching out to comment on other blogs.

    I still do it less frequently than I think I should. I find great, great posts all the time and think, “I should say something,” but then can’t think of anything deeper than, “Rock on!” so I usually don’t.

    Glad to see you’re enjoying your blogging experience so far!

  3. Ok, you caught me. I ended up on your blog because you commented (twice!) on my blog today. And I read this post and had to smile. I just started my blog, and I’m still in the “squealing happy” stage. If I were writing solely for myself, I’d focus on myself alone — those dark, inner thoughts that you’re not supposed to say aloud. But I started blogging for the value of the conversations I hoped to have.

    I write about the dumb (and hopefully smart) things I’m doing as I start my first business. And I hope people come by to learn from my mistakes, to laugh, to get a few resources. And yes, when someone takes the time to come by and comment, I do feel somewhat obliged to reciprocate. But so far, the people who have commented on my blog (you included, of course) have had very interesting, witty blogs themselves, so I’ve wanted to comment.

    Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. and HOW ABOUT that fun reply comment to a comment and then forgetting WHERE you commented and thus can’t go back to your comment to see if the blogger responded? did that make sense? anyway, thanks for stopping by!

  5. I think I got it.

    Yes. By George. I got it.

    I think.

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