Got the L%^& G ($@en !*V phone

September 13, 2007

I had a Palm Treo 650 and was paying a hefty monthly fee, right?   (it was my 3rd due to the crazy thing being real good at playing DEAD.  often)   So, since my plan with Verizon was up, I thought I would attempt to get a newer but less feature phone and pay lots less each month.    Did I really need email?   I certainly didn’t use my web access that much and don’t know anyone to TXT (no teenagers in my life who care enough to communicate with me), so here was my chance to save.  env.jpg

Gosh darn, gad nabbit, they talked me into an enn&Viey!   [spelled incorrectly on purpose…]   I could still have email!  and the camera was OOOHHH SO BETTER!  and my monthly service fee would be less PLUS get MORE minutes!    Yippee, wicked cool, makes SO MUCH sense, yes?    Those little alarm bells that should go off in my head remained silent.    

I only average 600 minutes of air time per month.    Who will I call if I now have 900 to play with?    However, the other option is 450.    Hmmmm.     and now, I find out -after calling Verizon on the homephone to chat with tech support – that the $19.99 warning that kept popping up on the new phone and scaring me…  IS TRUE.    If I really do want email like I am used to, I will indeed be privileged to pay $19.99 per month.   more.   additional.    and the Navigation is $9.99.   The ‘navigator’ that comes with the service is something else.  Uh huh.

Learning pains and the challenge of change…  I feel so mislead, misdirected, duped, SOLD, disrespected, old, stupid and wronged.

I do now have unlimited emails if I want to use yahoo.   or aol.   (ARE YOU KIDDING?)  or msn.    Which is probably fine.   If I want to change my email address.    sigh.   Maybe aol is cool again?    I was too cool for aol back in the day.    and honestly and ashamedly (is that a word?) I am biased against those who still have an aol account;   I meet these people and I wonder how long they have put up with aol?   I admit, I am probably being prejudiced and just out of date some more with that snobbery.     

If I were to unplug from the grid and cease communicating with technology, I wonder how much $$$ I would save each month.      STOP – don’t even go there.   At least wordpress is free.   🙂 

The other really cool feature about the phone?   Is this the appropriate time to use the word gnarly?  (I’ve been hearing it used in an appreciative manner…)  I can go up to any really loud speaker in Circuit City and my phone will tell me who the artist is!     THAT is going to be so meaningful in my life, I can’t describe the joy.   

and the camera takes 1… 2…. 3… seconds to actually take the pic after I press the click button.    (is this a rant?)   Now, if I want to do anything with these awesome photos, I will have to open an msn.com account to mail them to myself.  I think.   Or buy the disc card thingy that only fits the enV for taking digital files off my device to move to another device, like maybe my PC and that is only $40?      Plus have to buy some other cable do-hickey to plug into my USB port that also reads this new silly size disc…    

What was my point?     I’m going to go cry now.     



  1. 1. I agree. I hate having a camera on my phone—useless.
    2. I always get the “Free” phone! I look like a loser but it’s cheap!
    3. At least you have Verizon—best service period.
    4. Well, unless they talk you into buying an expensive phone! haha!
    5. Can you write your blogs from it?! b/c if you can that is a huge bonus!

  2. LB-
    Actually, I used my phone’s camera ALL THE TIME. But it was lightening fast to snap a shot (and get to the camera mode), took pretty good pics, and it was easy to copy to the card – USB over to my PC… Being in real estate and thinking my pup is the cutest, I have a ton of camera photos… It did cost 35 cents to email one shot, tho.
    And, fascinating idea about writing my blog on my phone. I’ll have to give it a try!

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