September 11, 2007

WHO are you?   I’m not talking to the people behind the www.ideajump.com website.  (That would be ME.)  I’m talking to those who must be typing these 14 letters with 2 period dots and hitting [ENTER].     Of course, I guess they could be typing just the letters of i-d-e-a-j-u-m-p-.-c-o-m and then [ENTER], whatever. 

My blogstats are showing that every day, I get a referral from ideajump.com.    I want to know who that is.   That’s all.   My traffic is insignificant on the entire blogosphere stats track.   but this is significant due to its consistency.  

OR?  has someone added this to their blogroll and thus others from their website, see the link and pop over to mine?   I really am just curious.  Really!    What makes me curious is the years I have had www.ideajump.com (beware circular reference) without any stats tracking and thus no idea if anyone typed it to see what could be found.   (was my MLS Real Estate site…   “let me help you find your dream home…”)   Did I get that traffic then?    I have no idea if I can track that.    I laugh, it’s probable.   {nope, just went to look and I found no stats page…}

So, leave a msg even if you don’t have anything to say.    A nod and a ‘whassup’ is fine.  and I thank you.   



  1. Well…somehow I got to your blog from the ideajump site too (I’ll have to check that out). I see that I’m on your blogroll– thank you!

    Just wanted to say that I really like reading your words. You have a thoughtful way of expressing yourself, and you’re funny, which is always a plus! It’s great reading about your immersion into the blog world. Looking forward to reading more.

    Nod. Whassup?

  2. Oh wait. Duh. Now I see how I got here. YOU’RE ideajump. Sighhhh…It’s been a long day.

    I’ve read more. I like more. Great site.

  3. Hi Moonbeam! I enjoy your blog very much. Thanks for stopping by. So, did you find me because I commented on your site? “curiousC”

  4. I think I found you because you’d visited my site, and I clicked on the link. Glad I did!

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