My Wish.

September 11, 2007

I have been invited to share MY WISH.    When I was reading Sibbia’s latest post, I saw this invitation and I admit, I had a physical reaction to the OH NO! thought that instantly occurred when I read my name.   And here’s the wish and how it explains this fear…

 I wish I knew how to respond!   On many levels, first being TECHNICAL.  I don’t know HOW to copy and add these pictures even when instructions are given.  I don’t seem to get it.    I followed the instructions and only get CODE and no image.    I do have on my to do list to learn how to do the hyper-text link so that I can provide the underlined word that would ‘click’ get the reader to the other referenced site without seeing all that distracting code language but I have yet to figure it out. 

(OK, yes, I’m lazy about this – I have yet to even try to search in wordpress help on how to do this…  I was assuming one of these icons at the top of this editing space block but nothing has revealed itself when my pointer hovers…)   

SO, my wish is that I could figure this out before admitting what a lousy blogger I am.    TOO LATE!  Ha!   I have suspicions that it could be an issue within my Presentation Template.   Hmmmm.   DOUBT THAT.   

And maybe my motivation is to have some nice blogger rescue me and share the secrets.   Or really, just to admit to Sibbia that I am truly truly honored to be tagged to respond!  yet not quite ready to participate fully.   Allow me that wall-flower status of standing slouched against the concrete-block wall of the gymnasium, at the high school dance, watching through the streamers the prom queen dance slow with her king to the Commodores ‘Three Times a Lady’, hoping and yet DREADING any geek who might ask me to the floor. 

My ignorance is my protection.      

and long term, my wish is that I would break free of this thought-pattern-chain.  To know what I truly wish for if I was stripped of the fear of finding out.



  1. Yeah it can be a bit overwhelming along the way when your not too sure how to do some stuff….but welcome to the club!!!!
    There’s a lot of great sites out there dedicated to help people like you and me that are lost in this bloggy world..and in time you’ll pick up the basics..in the end the mighty old “Cut, copy and paste” will be the idea that works best…

  2. Awwww! You figured out how to link back to my post… that’s a start!

    I remember one high school dance, just one. Even though I had a steady boyfriend, I always avoided such things so completely that avoid isn’t the right word — they just weren’t part of my radar at all!

    But for this oooone dance, one of my best friends nearly dragged me to the gym, paid my way in and then refused to let me just stand around… I had to dance!

    And you know, it wasn’t that bad. (Not that I ever went to such a thing again)

    That said, and in honor of that memory, we need to meet on IM or something so I can show you how to respond (and add all the links and pictures)… knowing what to say is all up to you. 🙂

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