The Point Is…

September 10, 2007

The point is to have fun, learn and grow.   Enjoy the journey!   Sure, sometimes, I’m just out for a meandering walk around the neighborhood.   I always come back home.   No destination, no designation.

Simplify!   Declutter, cut down the consumption of stuff.   Definition of freedom is the LACK OF STUFF.   Usually applies to when someone has to MOVE residences.   The less stuff, the easier it is to move it.    I have been accused of being a good ‘mover’.   I do not mind having to move, whether its 30 miles away or 2000.   I am in my seventh house.    I actually have a goal of living on a house boat some day.    A yacht sounds fun!    Keep thinking it best to try for a weekend.    and my secret wish is that somebody would loan us their convertible for cruising around in calm seas for a weekend…   I have no clue who that would be but its a fun thought, anyway.    

POINT IS, if there is something I want, ie furniture, I often ask if it would fit on the boat or not?    and it begs the question where we would put all the stuff we already do own if there’s no room on the boat?     so, no really, I don’t know what the point is.   I’m just typing and rambling and seeing where this goes…



  1. True, freedom is not haveing things to drag on your journey and if you do have things not being attached to them. The practice of detachment is a huge exercise in freedom.

  2. OK, good. I need to practice detachment. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m actually doing well at being simple, detached, and non-judgemental, and then OOPS, I get caught up in ‘yea but shouldn’t I be…’ doing something? Perhaps, I only need to relax and enjoy. There’s that should, again… The teeter-totter is a great toy when played with an equal weight partner.

  3. Freedom is the knowledge that your are ready and prepared to live with the consequence of todays actions (complete personal responsibility.) If so, then your are living in the moment which a completely freeing. If you are concerned about the future because of today’s actions, then you are not really living in the moment; meaning that your are not experiencing freedom.

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