Still Here.

September 6, 2007

Hello World!   My challenge to comment more on other blogs has lead me to a ton of very interesting places but I have not commented much.   I prefer the wordpress blogs over the googleblogs – duh, easier to leave comments but I also don’t want to extend my blogroll to unmanage-able.   Probably could debate that I already have it unwieldy…   but I don’t want to comment somewhere and then LOSE it!  and not have the breadcrumbs to figure out where I was.    Although, now that I think of it, doesn’t wordpress have a tracking mechanism for where I’ve commented?  

I am amazed how that my blog stats show that people are finding this from www.ideajump.com.   Where are they getting TO ideajump.com from?    Go ahead and leave a comment and let me know!   just Curious…



  1. I’ve seen the ideajump.com show up in my link-to’s, too.

    I have no idea what it is, but when I clicked on your Post Title, it brought me to an archived page.

    Archived? From today? How bizarre.

    As for WordPress’s mechanism: it’s under comments (where you can see all) or my comments under the dashboard.

    Just discovered it recently, myself.

    And I just noticed that you’ve added me to your blogroll. What a nice surprise!

  2. I just realized how slow I am.

    The ideajump in my links isn’t the .com but rather from your blog.

    Time for bed, I think.

  3. Thanks LF! and now, to make it easier on you? I’ll go check your blog and really actually COMMENT on your cool site! I do check on you often… But you see that? regardless of my commenting? sigh, so much to learn…

  4. Because you have me on your blogroll, and I assume you’re clicking the link on your page I can see I’ve had a visit from “ideajump.wordpress.com” as long as I’m paying attention to my stats that day.

    As for a long, unwieldy blogroll… try using a feedreader when you find someone new.

    I started using google’s feedreader and added a few blogs I regularly visit. Then I set up a google homepage and added it.

    Now any new posts from 4 blogs I visit show up whenever I open my browser. I’ll add more blogs later. So far it’s working pretty well.

  5. Thanks! I appreciate the good idea.

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