Adding Money to My Prosperity Gratefulness List

August 31, 2007

Guess I best create a Prosperity Gratefulness List before I brag about an addition!   My Prosperity Gratefulness List is an acknowledgement of the many wonderful blessings I enjoy frequently, daily, minute-by-minute for most of the spokes on my circle of life.   I am amazingly blessed with a husband beyond description.   I have my health, I have the legs and balance to walk, the ears with hearing and often the wisdom to listen, I have eyes that are aging but gave me great vision for my first few decades, and I breathe clean air.   I assume it’s clean.    Cleaner than in some areas of the world.  

Do I digress or should I just keep going?   (I love that word digress!   First time I heard it in a meeting, I was enthralled.    Oh, now I REALLY digress!  snicker) 

I have fun clothes to wear and quirky earrings  & bracelets to adorn with.   I’m not in too awful shape, but I don’t obsess with my looks.    I have a cool car to drive and I can afford to fix the poor thing after my accident the other day.   Wow – 2 weeks ago already!   My husband and I enjoy a fun and interesting part of the world to live in.   We have fun friends who invite us to fun events.   Tomorrow we are attending a Lobster Fest!  How COOL is that!?  I have more house than I need, a nice house.   A roof over my head and truly, I must say one of my top 5 blessings to be thankful for is running water and that toilets were invented before I came along.   I don’t think I could have been a country girl in the 1800’s out on the prairie.   Running water is the best!     Maybe a Roman in the really old days with the aquaduct;   those times MAY have worked out for me…  I have the support of a loving family with little to no drama there.  (boring!?)     I enjoy many hobbies and crafts, I get to travel to interesting places.   I have an awesome life.

So, today.  TODAY.  I am thankful for the 6 hours I am putting in at the office and the $10 per hour I am being paid to sit here (and read blogs!)    So-what that I had a goal to get my 2004 year of photos scrapbooked by the end of August.  Such high and lofty goals.    No, I am thankful that I will have some inflow of prosperity in the form of a check (not cash, no biggie) which I can convert to cash easy enough.   OR I could apply these 6 hours of answering the phone and directing callers to voice mail (I’m the only one here!) as credit to my monthly office fee.    Seems like a swell swap, to me.

I just wonder how I let the thrill of earning $60 in exchange for 6 hours of my life… be a thrill at all!?    Am I thinking too low?   Do I need better focus on my mantra “I am worthy and have MUCH VALUE-ADD.   The universe recognizes my worth and wisdom to recirculate the resource of money TO me and THROUGH me in bountiful quantities.   I have more than enough to pay to supply my needs and more continues to pour into my coffers and grow in my bank accounts.”   DO I circumvent this when I think small or maybe just don’t believe enough.   Is ‘believe enough’ like the word ‘try’?    When Yoda from Star Wars says there is no ‘try’, only did it or not.  do it or not.     Is believe a black & white or gray concept?    Boy, I am falling into a deep abyss today…  or am I setting too low and silly goals for my TIME.   so how can the universe recognize my Value ADD?   sigh.

So…  I AM grateful that my office is willing to hire me to cover today’s shift.   I am happy to help.   I had no other income producing activities planned that I can’t also do while in the office covering the phone.  so WIN-WIN.     Be grateful and acknowledge this blessing.   and work on growing it so that a few more zeros follow that dollar sign!! 



  1. Be happy with the amount because it came as needed and in an harmonious fashion.

    Know that you are worth more than $10 an hour, but gratefully accept it when it doesn’t interfere.

    Side note:

    One of my favorite wealth affirmations is:
    I enjoy the wealth that pours into my life through numerous channels, and I dwell in a sea of abundance.

    I have two more I really like for wealth and a few for success.

    If you’d like some let me know.

  2. Thanks! I am setting the intention to focus on this daily, scheduled, etc. and SURE, I would love to have more prosperity building words!

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