Challenge to do more, be more and not judge

August 29, 2007

So Sibbia has challenged me to blog today about what I promised to blog about today in yesterday’s post…   Sibbia has a wealth of resource blog called Seeing is Believing and you can find her in my blogroll.

My comments to the Ivy Leaguer who was bored 3 months into his first job would be to volunteer both within the company and outside the company.  For example, one of my first jobs (how many can I have and still call them ‘one of my firsts’?  This was actually my 3rd job out of college but in the first year, I think…) was as a computer programmer for a large conglomerate manufacturer and I was the Quality Circle lead for our department, studied and earned my Certification in the Am Prod Inv Control Society (APIC), and worked hard for the local chapter in both my techie degree organization and in the APICS group.    The outside stuff REALLY gets you noticed by the higher ups AND with competitive companies in the local area, I quickly discovered.      This advice is in addition to all the other good advice posted over on the CNN comments…   Like ask the boss for more work!    (The link to Anne Fisher’s column on CNN Money:  http://money.cnn.com/2007/08/20/news/economy/quit.fortune/index.htm)

All that in the 2 years I worked there.   They laid me off.  

 AND THUS, when I refer to the quote, ‘there is no failure, only results’, I mean that I’m sure all those extra activities were good for me and good for my experience/resume and although THAT company didn’t see my value, does not mean it wasn’t meant to be.    

This quote – allow me to attribute it to Dr. Wayne Dyer and his book “Seeing is Believing” – reminds me not to judge.    Judging is assigning good and bad to a situation that just is.    IT IS WHAT IT IS.     I’m actually not having much pop into my head to elaborate on this!    Sibbia want to help me out?   Judging, to me, turns situations into an opportunity for me to discount my own worth and that is not what best serves me.  Or the world.  



  1. I agree, reach out and challange yourself to do more. You are right on about judging. There is no value in judging, as you said, judging may turn into an opportunity to discount your own worth. Things are as they are and we cannot always see what we need to see. Good post.

  2. Don’t think of it as a challenge, call it an invitation! A guarantee that I’d be here to read the new post.

    And a good post it was! Where were you when I was still working in IT? I could have used your advice.

    As for judgments, I think I like the story of the three blind brothers and the elephant the best.


    Because we never truly “see” all of whatever we’re looking at and so our assessments are bound to faulty at least in part.

    As for good and bad, they are completely relative.

    I could say I wrote 3 pages today and think that’s good. A copywriter may think that’s absolutely terrible.

    Or maybe I’d jump for joy over 100 hits for one post, while someone else wonders why they have such low numbers today.

    It really is alllll relative. 🙂

  3. tobeme – THANK YOU.

    Sibbia – and ‘challenge’ is supposedly the better word for PROBLEM!! Yes, better, invitation sounds so party-like: happily expecting good times… I’m planning on answering FIRST PASS of your 10 questions tonight. in my journal. NOT HERE (blog.) Maybe in my second(third) pass.

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