Another success!

August 28, 2007

Aha!   For some reason I have chosen NOT to devote any time to, I have been unable to post comments to GoogleBlogs.    It was rather frustrating but I just didn’t feel I had the time to worry about it.   Rather, I just attempted it when the mood struck me and today “ta-da!”, I was able to.    Let’s see if I enticed anyone to visit me….   I’m moving from lurker to propaganda-ist.   No, that probably isn’t the correct word…   Self-promoter!?   I was also going to post a comment to one of the CNN money blogs that was discussing the question of some Ivy-Leaguer who wanted to jump ship from the boring job – his first job! – just 3 months into it.     I’ll do that next.   tomorrow….    I have new advice.   different advice.  Nothing earth shattering.    And I can’t even say it worked for me!   “There is no failure.  Only results.”  


One comment

  1. Well, I loved the name of your blog and had to come visit.

    I’ll be looking for the “There is no failure. Only results.” post because I believe in that idea fully!

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