and tomorrow is now today.

August 24, 2007

I spent a few hours re-reading the Tech Writing position description, studying the company website – reading their documentation (yep, found one spelling error – which in today’s world is usually a mis-type keystroking error), revamped my resume and stalled.    Opened a clean sheet of Word, typed the date, and ….  I need to know WHO to address this to!

I did a few more secs of good investigative journalism and found the name of the HR VP.    SO I called.   Besides, how they handle random phone calls is a great indicator of company culture.    She actually took my call!    I offered my name, thanked her for talking with me, and quickly asked if they were still taking appls for the position.   NOPE – person starts Monday.

Solves that.  So, I called Charlie and invited him over for lunch.  I fried up a couple of burgers with the works and had salad plus cinnamon blueberry coffee cake.    He reviewed my resume, offered extremely gentle criticism and then….   agreed with me that he would see me much happier working at a Barnes & Noble.  

I slept HORRIBLE.   Had dreams that I was on a race to find JUST THE RIGHT item for the W&J, the current at-bat buyer potentials for my listing.   But the item was a cross between a Chevy SUV of some length and a coke machine.    And I had tons of people sitting around waiting and watching me and ready to help out if I could only give an instruction.    But mostly just loitering and watching me.     I felt like I was running back and forth, and on the phone.   Run here, run there, make a call, take a call.  

Yet today, I’ve accomplished 3-4 things on the to-do list already, and I am focusing on having a good day.    Concentrate and expand the GOOD things, the so-many positives in my life, and recognize any bad thoughts and send them on their way.    Why do we ruminate on the worries and the crap; rather, I choose to have grateful thoughts and feelings and attitudes of the many awesome blessings in my life.  If/when any unpleasantness crosses my mind or my path, I will only curious wonder about it and calmly let a reaction CHOICE pop up and allow the best option to be acted on.   THOUGHT to ACTION.   JUMP! 

Hey, maybe an acronym for J-U-M-P.   Taking sugs, keep it clean.   Joyfully unite magnificent projects? I need some good U words.  Understanding, uncle, U (short of YOU?), gosh, I’m usually terrific at brainstorming words!   usual, unity, undeniable, unbelievable,  ugly,


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  1. Joyfully Undertake Marvelous Projects!

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